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    Learning to Fly
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    Winnsboro, La
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    Cars and going fast!

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  1. silverbullet2005

    Silverbullet's Progression

    as dirty as my rims are right now they look black lol.
  2. silverbullet2005


    university of louisiana at monroe.
  3. silverbullet2005

    Holden HSV Utes spotted by the Grand Canyon?!?!

    im liking the white one!
  4. silverbullet2005

    The Random Video Thread (NSFW???)

    WOW! thats all i can say
  5. silverbullet2005

    Bambamm's 2009 G6GT

    your not wasting any time on this car! get some tint and you will be good to go!
  6. silverbullet2005

    2009 Solstice and 2006 G6 GTP

    both cars look great!
  7. silverbullet2005

    The Random Video Thread (NSFW???)

  8. silverbullet2005

    Then and Now Pic

    looks good crimson
  9. silverbullet2005

    One of the most epic threads EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that was pretty good
  10. silverbullet2005

    The Official Useless Post Thread

    i dont want to be at work!!! 10-8 sucks!
  11. silverbullet2005

    Silverbullet's Progression

    i wish i would have now. i thought i would like it better all one color... but i was wrong
  12. silverbullet2005

    What did you drive before your Pontiac?

    1981 jeep cj7 (still have) 1994 chevy silverado (got a great deal on it... bought for $1500 sold for $4000 two weeks later) 2006 ford f150 (totalled) 2005 g6 base sedan (still have)
  13. silverbullet2005

    Silverbullet's Progression

    yeah it looks a whole lot better. i like, im glad i decided to go with ait. several people on g6p are gettin the gm grounding kit. im not really a big fan.
  14. silverbullet2005

    The Ranting Thread

    im ready to get off work!!!!
  15. silverbullet2005

    Then and Now Pic

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