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16 hours ago, indymanjoe said:

New prop valve from summit went in tonight. Brakes bled its all done! Fill it tomorrow with some stinky gear oil then tighten all the control arms now that its on the ground and i should be good to go. Well then its break in time but hell i'v waited this long soooo.

Joe's Tech Support here - picture of his new proportioning valve.

Something about a "mutha' to install or location.  :stars:


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On 4/9/2019 at 5:50 PM, holtff1074 said:

Nice Option I believe. I know I've considered doing the same and very much for the same  reasons. I currently have a 8.2 posi Cone unit that I have a set of 3:23 gears for. I had a second backup set,but someone needed a set so I  sold the extras(3:23's in good shape hard to find and no longer available). I hope to put some driving on the car once complete and as you stated....easier to get parts and do repair on the 9" if need be. Plus the option of gears as my 8.2 can only handle the 3:23 as  max option. I hope you draw input of the rear brake option as well. On your prop valve....I'm planning to use the wildwood adjustable. Anxious to know how you like it if you do the change. I'm tempted to sell my 10" 8.2 setup just to get the 9inch!

I will say QP has been great so far. Having a co make the E-brake cables was a huge benefit.The brakes work a little better than the drums but i have a low vacuum motor. The E-brake works perfectly and i didnt even have to adjust the cables. I am really happy overall with the 9 vs the 8.2. Some things i learned along the way.

1 do not get any brake cables,lines.

2 really is no need for the filling bung option as it still sucked to fill it with that option. it still has the allen wrench fill plug. which a turkey baster or a large syringe is what i used and is all thats needed.

3 the drain plug is a bonus.

4 the jack pad...i cut 1/3 of mine off to fit the factory swaybar. I do not think it is really necessary as the housing is really thick.

5 I honestly think all you really need is a disc disc prop valve,your results may vary here.

6  unless you are autocrossing the Torino big bearing ends should last a looong time.

Pinion angle didnt change and the tires fit exactly in the same space as the 8.2 did.All in all i would do this again in a heartbeat. Bonus is unless you really really look close it looks like a 12 bolt under the car! 

Any questions ask away while its still fresh in my memory LOL PLUS i have had a few guys asking to buy my 68 GTO 8.2 rear so that may really offset the cost of this swap!


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Good results Indy! i really like your sharing all the steps u went thru. Thats helpful to any others including me if i choose that option. Im torn between between 9in and maybe a 12bolt.Thats only because i have a friend willing to give me a 12bolt housing.

Loved getting my 8.2 rebuilt etc,but if i drive a lot and require parts on trips i know getting parts be a challange.

Pontiac Show in PigeonForge is soon and i will studying everything to help me learn more.Congrats on your results!

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