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  1. Is it just me......or are others experiencing a Wheel/Tire thread that Wheely....lol don't have proper links for pics or any real visual for lookSees ?
  2. Not to, hijack this thread,but seeing it made me think back to an earlier time some years ago in my 2nd 64GTO and way before late nite auto parts stores were around. Me and the Mrs at the time...lol... were in Pigeon Forge about 125miles from home and had a stud break from the rear left. Long story short...was within 2 miles of home when pulled over due to such low speed with just 3remaining lugs and only had right signal to alert traffic.l got encouragement from the officer and was sent on my way....and made it home. Man that was the good ole days! Sorry....just had to share that!
  3. Fantastic as i seen that and failed to make the connection. Nice ride and i see few preWar pontiac projects in my area. Great work!
  4. i really like the new calendar and absolutely thrilled to see a sweet 64. This already has me looking ahead for 2020! Considering my car is an ongoing project,i believe there are others also still building their dream project. That being said i wonder if possibly such pics of projects in progress may be considered someday for a calendar issue. While many of us love viewing the local shows of some nice rides,there are many like myself who live the life of doing a project which benefits from those experiences. This thought of adding such to a calendar is a little different and i would be the 1st to believe any such pics to ever be considered is somewhat odd maybe,but still is only a possibility if voted in! If such pics were to ever be considered i believe its important they represent the details and effort of our hobby. Jus wanted to share this idea so as to stir new conversation. Meanwhile im not just gonna buy me a 2019 calendar but may consider a couple as gifts this christmas. I believe once my brother and other pontiac friends view the calendars.......we may recieve more members 😀 Have a good day,DeWayne
  5. Wow Hawaii Bob,thats a heartbreaker. Very concerning how you may tackle getting it back together. Appreciate all the input from everyone. I'm trying to work on getting things organized,buying some new equipment and tools and also setting up more storage as I need to store all extras and also set my bike up with it's own space. I'm happy to be attend Norwalk next month. Been 4yrs since I last went. I'll be really happy to get my car off the frame and star removing/working metal. Hard to remain calm as I want so much to get started,but once I start I don't want to be held back cause I failed to obtain things I need or organized the parts I have acquired.I've invested into some very nice components from sources such as SPC,UMI Global West etc. I've a freshly built 67 400 which I plan to attach a 5or6sp trans. Got my dream car,i just need to get it built!
  6. Hello People,I'm DeWayne and I'm from the Va/Tn area. I'm a life long Pontiac fan and same for my brother and some close friends. I've owned some prior 64 GTO's and recently I finally put my hands on a 64 in need of being rescued. As I see it it's in need of being restomod so as to make it a better driver.Providing many of the original options and components were missing. It's time to make the car better for modern times.It's a long time project as it's a off frame build and theres attention needed on every portion of the car. I have another complete frame from a 66 and a fresh built67 400 I will be using. Hope to use a 6 or 5sp to replace the TA400 and muncieM21 4sp. Long road ahead of me,but I'm looking forward to the challenge.
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