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  1. i'm incredibly new to this carb tuning so i'd like to start with the fact that i have no idea what Jetting is and what a 'jet'does. does it regulate air? does it help the mixtures? my proform is pouring WAY too much fuel and i cant seem to sort it out. i'm talking 5 gallons of fuel in 20 minutes, idling. i opened it up and i cant get the billets off but i did find some odd numbers on what i think the 'jets' are. primary fuel bellow or barrel, whatever was .36 and the secondaries was .70 i think i just need understanding of these Jets
  2. i used a bolt through that little loop and another nut on the bottom to hold it down, worked fine for me
  3. Curtis

  4. Just got my first Trans Am...but...

    the only thing that stuck out was that it was an oldsmobile 403. not a pontiac motor. but if it has 200k miles, i doubt there's much restoration value, no?
  5. i mean, a trick i used is a bypass kit for the coolant to cycle around the intake manifold better. it's a 400 and i've heard that they are prone to overheating and this bypass trick worked for me. just 2 hoses from the thermostat back to the rear of the manifold. pulls hot coollant from the back and back to the front where it's cooler
  6. Just got my first Trans Am...but...

    thanks for deleting that other post it's a basic Trans Am. Build sheet included, 6.6L olds 403 and a 3 speed automatic. T-tops, ground effects, stock white seats and black carpet and dash. even has a CV radio. Powered windows and locks too. is a very basic Trans Am which makes me thing there's not a whole lot of value which steers me in the direction to take the front half of my 1978 and put it on the Trans Am completely scrapping the Restoration idea
  7. So My Dream Car is The Trans AM ever since i owned my 1978 Esprit from my grandparents. And after a long time of money grinding, we finally picked one up, 1979 though but still the number matching 6.6L Trans Am is really cool considering its massive lack of rust/rot. But here's my issue. I'm not a pontiac purist, i like to hot rod these cars, i.e the other blue Firebird. We have the options to combine these two cars and make a beautiful, badass street stomper. OR restore the Trans Am and try to make a profit. I don't think we could get much of a profit off the Trans Am considering it's 200k miles in... What do you guys think? "ruin" the Trans Am or Restore the Trans Am?
  8. It's ya boi

    Seems as good a place as any to Introduce myself, I'm just a firebird owner who isn't the pontiac purist. I'm still young and hot rodding is a passion so it explained why I own a 1978 Esprit firebird that's rusted, mismatched and not stock in the slightest. and a 79 trans am that I also plan on 'ruining'. Got a HUGE build coming up with both of these cars. I mean, the 6.6 holds so much potential, right? All my photos are over 1.91mb so it looks like I can't post a photo now. But if you wanna see the monstrosity, I'm @kurk_kurk on Instagram This place seems really cool, contests, guides and the sorts so I'm looking forward to some tips and tricks I may pick up from around here
  9. 1978 Pontiac Firebird Esprit
  10. Welcome to Forever Pontiac Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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