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  1. Kurk_Kurk

    My '78 Firebird Esprit

    I mean i have welded before and i did pretty good with a mig welder on my first try so i doubt it could be too difficult. Ill be starting with small body panel patches to get a feel for what I'm doing. I found a problem already though, at 15-25 mph i have a weird side to side wobble out the rear end. I have no idea what can cause this since all its done is sit for 2 months. The only thing i can thing about, is the one wheel with 3 lug nuts holding it on. Hmmmmmm. I'll also be posting on instagram if anyone wants to see more of the bird's current state. Just find kurk_kurk
  2. Kurk_Kurk

    My '78 Firebird Esprit

    Oh yea, I've got enough work alright. i don't even know how to weld yet, but im going off the metaphor "pushing spit with a stick" ontop of that welding, i gotta find new body panels, trunk and floor pans. Just found all that out recently. I even have a huge hole behind the driver side red marker light that shines through to the trunk. The rear fenders around the wheel are rotted, good thing i plan on a small, custom wide body design. i got a carport tent coming in, so i can set that up next week and get the car out of the rain and potential hurricanes for the season. I'll be throwing down a large heavy duty tarp to park the car ontop of, since i can't park on direct grass because moisture.
  3. Kurk_Kurk

    My '78 Firebird Esprit

    I've actually looked into that a while ago. It was a first step sort of thing but the price tag is $5k and im most likely going to be using the Spit'n Glue bank after i weld in those damned sub frames. However, i figure some homemade frame connectors could do the same thing anyway keeping the body stiff as well as some small roll cage. Right? Welp, i wrote that before clicking the link because my naive mind thought i knew what you were talking about. That price is way more than the frame chassis i found for the 2nd gen Fbody. If only i could remember where i found that...
  4. This seems like a good place to post a log AND receive feed back incase i do something dumb. Here, we have my Firebird, passed down from my grandmother so i'm the second owner. The earliest photo i have of this car is from the rear diff repair after a very bad accident one night about 4 years ago. Note the black door. over the years, i've changed it up and pretty much ruined the car. I've always wanted something unique, hence the teeth, L88 hood and phat tires. Now it's about time i tear it all down and start over the right way. The car will be built up to handle corners and the ETC. Hopefully i'll have it on an actual road coarse after all is said and done. Before i do anything custom to this car, i need to weld in new rear sub frames, floor pans and try to straighten the body again. Afterwards, i plan to twin turbo the 355ci engine i have because i'm aiming for 650hp or somewhere around that place. I would like a QA1 suspension upgrade as well and lower it about 1". Oh, and thicker tires. In a few days, i'll have the car in a carport tent and the building will begin.
  5. alright cool, i was thinking i needed to buy a whole new axle assembly! ill try to get this sorted out this weekend!
  6. Oh Awesome, and no, this is on my firebird that im bringing out of the ashes. 5 lug rear drum brake. Im just not educated in handling, brakes or maintenance. I just know how to make power lol I only ask because i've changed the axle once before like 4 years ago and i cant exactly remember a whole lot. If it's as simple as hammering it out, i guess i have no problem here
  7. I broke my driver side wheel hub pretty badly. The lug nuts siezed up and we had to snap them off the threading. 3 currently remain, holding the wheel on but i figured i need to replace this. those threads, are they connected to the axle itself? or is it some kind of hub? also, how am i even supposed to go about fixing and replacing this?
  8. Looks like i fell down the rabbit hole with my daily 2002 firebird. I got a lot of ideas for customization (widebody badassery, but that's for a later time) right now, im curious about the pop up headlights. I hate how bulbous and chunky they look when popped up, however i do like pop up headlights. I have an idea for a small 2 piece lightbar in place of the headlights. I would like to know if there's a way to adjust the end height of the motor. Like have it stop at an earlier area. That way i feel i'd keep the sleekness and have the ability to see at night.
  9. I feel inclined to point out that i spun a bearing in the original V6 the '02 Firebird came with. i bought a Bonneville V6 and swapped the intake, mounts, etc, to make another V6 for the Birdy. Im really hoping that engine block is the same as the L36 with the 9.4:1 Compression. (i didn't change crank, heads, valves, cam or pistons.) That's another thing, how does the whole PSI work? Do you change the turbine inside the turbo? or does the size of the turbo generate the PSI? I feel like this may be my very last question. and for the record, i've already looked this up before but i dont retain any information when im just scrolling. 1 on 1 is how i learn this kind of stuff.
  10. Im not going for anything crazy with the boost, like maybe 10 psi. Im trying to get something that will let me have fun with it without blowing up. I'll see if i can ask them about the PCM specs and all. But that leads me to another thing: will my stock engine internals handle a small psi like this?
  11. the kit im looking at is the exhaust headers, a crossover pipe, waste gate and the t4 turbo. it has an oil line included and will indeed fit under the stock hood. It was custom fabricated to fit under there. New exhaust is no big deal to me, ive got enough pipes. There are also no 'recommended' parts. As for the cooler, i've found one for a few more bucks that i can buy separately. will i need to poke a hole into the oil pan for the oil to feed into the Turbo?
  12. I have a 2002 Firebird with the 3800 series V6. It's the Y85 code with a factory GU6 (3.42) gear and i'm finding that it needs more power. I found a lovely Turbo kit specifically for these 4th gen V6 F-Bodies that i'm about to buy. It's complete with a wastegate and a T4 Turbo. What i'd like to know, is if i'm missing something here. I'm coming from my first car, the 1978 Firebird that had no computers or anything like these modern cars. Will i need a Tune? Will it bolt on and work right away (assuming all goes well)? im thinking some moderate boost btw, nothing too crazy.
  13. Kurk_Kurk

    POTM Nominations, June 2018

    My own Birdy. 1978 Pontiac Firebird Esprit with a custom built 355. Nicknamed 'Angry Bird' in my town.
  14. i'm incredibly new to this carb tuning so i'd like to start with the fact that i have no idea what Jetting is and what a 'jet'does. does it regulate air? does it help the mixtures? my proform is pouring WAY too much fuel and i cant seem to sort it out. i'm talking 5 gallons of fuel in 20 minutes, idling. i opened it up and i cant get the billets off but i did find some odd numbers on what i think the 'jets' are. primary fuel bellow or barrel, whatever was .36 and the secondaries was .70 i think i just need understanding of these Jets
  15. i used a bolt through that little loop and another nut on the bottom to hold it down, worked fine for me
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