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new candian torrent driver!

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new pontiac driver from the great white north!

well im going to put this up front.. im a ford guy.. die hard BUT!

a few months ago i had to sell my F 150 project, and my ranger is in progress for what was supposed to be this race season.. though it looking like next race season due to some things my dad wants me to do on his truck as well!

ANYWAYS about 4 months back i was up between just driving my ranger in as is condition or doing it right and parking it.. so i trip to a few dealerships later i found a soft spot for this lonely car for under 10 grand!

way below what i had expected but of course i had to do some thinking and research..

a few days later i brought home my 2006 pontiac torrent.. 3.4L Black, XM Radio, Cd Player, Power Seats, AC and a HEATER.. Airbags, Automatic.. coming from a guy who has driven and built nothing but pro street worthy truck from the earlier to mid 80s this was like stepping into a porche for me! first auto transmission, first real working heater, heated seats?! i still havent gotten used to the luxury

so anyways the weeks have passed now i still love my torrent.. has a few issues here and there, none the less its come time for me to start prettying her up

so yet another forum to join, more friends to be made.

hope to talk with some of you soon


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Thanks ghost!

hopefully get some work done on it within the next couple weekends

just to pretty it up and make it a little less soccer mommy looking!

no worries.. not aiming for a wing or flames though haha

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dude loovvveee the torrent!

so much better looking then the equinox..

my mom almost bought one same color and everything when she got her 6..she just wasnt ready to go back to the suv.

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this is what i liked about the torrent i have driven quite a few SUVs, and i have driven lots of vans, but the torrent.. the torrent feel like a car you dont sit to high up, and the FWD seems to eliminate the lag (especially uphill) that most SUVs have, its very responsive and it doesent feel like your trying to stop a 4000 pound tank..

so next time your mother is in the market for a new car.. make her test drive one! haha

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she drove one before we got the super duty and then someone conned her into the whole ford edge and g6 so she got them both haha mind you the g6 is the daily driver edge is random shopping trips and the super duty is for the 4 wheelers and horses. haha so we have 4 cars and 2 people that drive..get that haha! mind you we used to just have a 6 the truck and my car but she liked the edge so we ended up with one hah a

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we have an 01 pontiac grand am a 08 pontiac g6 a 09 ford f-350 super duty and a 10 ford edge its sorta nice tho because i drive the truck in the winter now and somtimes if i have to pick up a bunch of my friends i will take the edge =] so it all works out in the end

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Welcome to the site! Even though I've helped you out already. :lol2:

If you ever want exhaust, Flowmaster 80 muffler/glasspack combo sounds tits with these motors. :cheers:

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thanks or all the welcomes guys!

thus far i have seen the least hate between members on this forum then that of all the other forums im on!

thanks for noticing the staff and members all get along very well here. We all dont want the drama and the BS that comes with some forums.

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*goes outside to hug torrent* golly not only do i feel like a peaceful soccer mom when i drive my torrent but now i can talk about it with such friendly people!!

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