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Which of the 3 current 2009/10 Trans ams do you prefer?


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Which of the 3 current 2009/10 Trans ams do you prefer? There has been many of a thread discussing each one of these cars on all the forums I visit. But I have noty seen a thread on which one is best in your opinion. So I thought I would set one up for us. I have one pic of each of the 3 and a link to each one of them from autoblog.com where you can find more info and pics to look at.

1. Kevin Morgan's Phoenix Trans Am



2. Lingenfelter T/A 455 Super Duty



3. FireBreather movie car by Exodus Pictures




I personaly like the Lingenfelter T/A 455 Super Duty the best. I think it looks less like a Camaro than any of the 3. I prefer the eara they when after the best and to me seems like a more of a total package car IMO. The only thing is I think they missed the mark on the rims and would change them out but other wise I think they did the best job.

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' date='Mar 19 2010, 02:59 PM' post='17997']



there is a none option chucklehead. :woot:

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1. Kevin Morgan's Phoenix Trans Am frontend still looks like a camaro with a divider in the middle to make it look like a camaro frontend. The spoiler is too big and out of place and the tail lights are just terrible looking. I do like the rims and the side vents but they should of gotten rid of the camaro fake vents.

2. Lingenfelter T/A 455 Super Duty I love the front end just because they made a whole new one. The only tweek I would do is give the headlights the silver surround like the grills have, The concept drawings had that detail. The spoiler fits much better size wise better than the Phoenix and the tail lights are much more TA looking to me. However I like what they tried to do with the rims but just failed and would need to be replaced if I had the car.

3. FireBreather movie car I like the front end better than the Phoenix because it looks more than just a re-worked camaro front end. I like the now firebird logo and the red trim but the silver headlights stand out way too much on a black car. The side profile with the vents is really mean looking but does not work with the front end but would look great on a camaro. The taillights are ok but still dont do it for me and the wing is much better but still does not work with the front ends styling. In this cars defence thou it is the only one thats not calling is a Pontiac FB or TA but a movie car that hints twards being a Pontiac. So that gives this car a bit more artistic freedom IMO to do its own thing.

So once again the Lingenfelter T/A 455 Super Duty is my car of choice and for me the total package. Everything works well together and nothing seems out of place. (not icluding the rims)

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I vote for the Lingenfelter. I think they more accurately invoked the sytling ques from the 70 1/2 2nd gen than the other two invoke the '77/78 TA. I think the Lingenfelter guys did a better job of engineering and executing their designs. It doesn't look like a dressed up Camaro.

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Well there is another SEMA Trans-Am/Camaro tribute car this year.

Once again I think they just missed making it just right. The side bodywork came out great, the backend looks good and the wheels are dead on the right choice. But the tail lights & front end are just terrible and dont look right. The hood came out perfect and the picked the right color theam. The pointy nose is the worst part and its too bad this one had potental. :dancingpontiac:






& one pic of the camaro the did for SEMA too.


^^^^ that one is a homerun in every park! :dancingpontiac:

The wheels & nose are great and make it look even more old school camaro.

We've seen companies attempt to turn the Chevrolet Camaro into a Pontiac Trans-Am, but the results are often mixed at best. Heide Performance Products, a customizing company out of Madison Heights, MI, is looking to change that. Is it successful? Well, let's just say we're looking forward to seeing HPP's pointy-nosed '69 Trans Am knock-off with our own eyes at SEMA next week.


The company has detailed the build process on its Facebook page, and there's also a second Camaro with T-Tops the company is bringing to SEMA. Finally, we have modern versions of the Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird based off the current Challenger. See for yourself in our high-res photo gallery below


I still like the Lingenfelter one the best.

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