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  1. Granite

    2012 Forever Pontiac Calendar ENTRIES

    Here is a pic of Mine.
  2. Yep I had that in My Sunfire, Sounded Very Nice, Not ricey at all.
  3. Granite

    Buying a new car tonight

    Here is a few pics of my old Sunfire that I owned. I had a set of Ikon GT6 17"s.
  4. Seen one This Morning when I was on my Way to work. Cool Cars, I would like to own one.
  5. Granite

    WTF!!! sunfire engine problems

    Sounds like a bad Plug, Wire or Coil.
  6. Humm that would be really fun with one Bolted to my LZ4!!!
  7. Granite

    my introduction

    Beautiful Car Aaron, Very well done.
  8. Granite

    G6Shift' Progression

    Looks Good. Try taking pics around 6-7 in the evening when the sun is not so strong and take the pics of your car with the sun behind you kinda like the flash you have on your camera that should help out alot. Also try to underexpose the settings a bit EV -1 or -2. Also check to see what your Iso setting is at, I usally have mine set at 200, that will sharpen the picture up. The higher the # the Grainer the pic will be. Just a few Tips to help you along the way, Hope this helps.
  9. Granite

    Lowering Springs

    Lets just say I really hate Snow. We get Dumped on in the Winter.
  10. Granite

    Lowering Springs

    I used to Drive my old Sunfire in the winter and it was lowered 2". The Money I made at the end of the winter from the City For Snow Plowing the streets was great LOL. But seriously you should be fine in the winter if you are careful and not go any lower than 2" Drop.
  11. Granite

    A bunch of cellphone pics. lol

    Nice Pics Joe, I thought about doing somthing similar at the Dealership I work at, But do some shots out in the front of the Building. I will someday.
  12. Granite

    Photoshoot that I took Yesterday

    Thanks. I'm gonna spend a day and drive around to different areas and take some shots, maybe get my fiencee to take her 6 too.
  13. Granite

    Then and Now Pic

    Then. Now Not Much done to it. Yet To Buy GTP Rims on this Car Maybe?
  14. Granite

    Bambamm's 2009 G6GT

    Congrats on the New Car, and sorry to hear about your Misfortune. As far as the TPM sensors, you will not have to completly remove the tire, just brake down the front of the tire and make sure that you do not move the tire around on the rim or you will have to re-balance it. Also just to be sure you can mark the location of the valve stem on the tire for extra security. Oh Do not drop the sensor inside the tire when you do remove it or install it, it is a bitch to get back out! Good luck with the New Car and looking foward to seeing the Progress!
  15. Granite

    Little Spring Photoshoot

    Nice,Very Clean looking.
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