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  1. oldmanvette1975

    So listen to this

    I'm sure the bank confiscated all the bills. Holding onto counterfeits is a federal no no. All you'll get is a receipt for them!!!
  2. Nice job Joe. I'm sure having a lift made it much easier to do then in the driveway on jack stands. I re-did my calipers when I took the winter steelies off in late March. Still had enough paint to put 3 coats on and they look bad ass again.
  3. oldmanvette1975

    tunicwriter's progression

    Clean those calipers real good before painting so they won't chip or peel. A wire brush is a must.
  4. oldmanvette1975

    So listen to this

    That sucks ass. Counterfeiters sometimes wash the bills, using tea, to make them look circulated. The feel of the cotton paper is unique and the hardest thing for counterfeiters to copy. They sometimes use bills of lower denomination that they erase the printing with bleach (not easy to do) and then re-print higher denominations using the correct paper. I collect paper money (no puns please) and know too much about it. SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS. Watch Craigs list for someone selling off parts that might be from your car!!! Might be a way to find that dirtbag.
  5. oldmanvette1975


    Funny, even the second time around
  6. oldmanvette1975

    Badger Car Commercials

    LOL.... I knew a car salesman like that. He worked in Freehold, NJ.
  7. oldmanvette1975

    Show Those Car Show Awards!

    Hang in there, you'll get many more. The trophies shown in Coolman's room are from the Vette, not the G6. I have a whole attic filled with them, but then again, I was showing the Vette before most folks on this forum were born, including Coolman I still have the "Best In Show" trophy that I won on the day that Coolman took his first steps I came home and sat on the couch and put the trophy on the floor in front of me and Coolman was on the other side of the living room propped up by the fireplace. When he saw that trophy, he let go and walked across the floor, like Frankenstein, till he got to the trophy and grabbed onto it. The kid got good taste and the rest is history. My first car show was in 1977!!!
  8. oldmanvette1975

    New to the site!

  9. oldmanvette1975

    Screw you. I'm a truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

    Too much Sam Adams
  10. oldmanvette1975


    Sam Adams Cherry FTW
  11. oldmanvette1975

    Oldmanvette IS IN THE HOUSE

    Still bailing the basement out
  12. oldmanvette1975

    Oldmanvette IS IN THE HOUSE

    There are over 200,000 people without electricity. Many roads closed due to flooding and trees down. Commuter train lines not running due to debris and trees on the tracks. Six people have been killed, mostly by being hit by falling trees. Houses being blown off their foundations and split in half by falling trees. River flooding at higher levels than ever seen before. I'm older than most folks on this site and it's the worst I've ever been through. In NYC there were so many people calling the "911" system that they got a recorded message "Due to call volume, please hold on for the next available operator". Not what you want to hear if someone is breaking into your house. The fire siren in my town was going off all day long. They covered more calls in one day than they usually do in 2 months!!!
  13. oldmanvette1975

    Suggestions or Comments?

    How about a "view your posts" button right next to the view new posts button, kinda like G6P has it.
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