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becksmerc 86 Fiero

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today i picked up an 86 fiero its a 2.8 sm6 se with the gt body kit. got it home as it was heating up so i checked the coolant reservoir and it was cracked yay the guy gave me enough spare parts to fill up my 6s trunk back seat, and passenger. so far the brakes need to be machined but my boss at oreillys is letting me do it free.

i will get pics soon

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the last pic is all the spare parts the guy gave me except the eibach box and intake on the end is from cici

also could a mod change the title to becksmerc 86 fiero i tried for a whole night and couldn't figure it out

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500 bucks it runs and drives. it needs a new water pump so i got one from work for 14 bucks. then i'm gonna replace the exhaust since right now its freakin loud. then i will replace miscellaneous interior parts that the guy gave me. then i'll probably get it pained white and get the windows tinted. also the coolant reservoir tank is cracked so i grabbed one from ebay for 25 bucks with free shipping. i put some royal purple 5w 30 in it yesterday since the oil was black as sin.

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$500? Not bad. Look into an engine swap, those 2.8's are pigs.

What muffler setup you going with in the meantime?

Also: why would you waste Royal Purple in this thing? You're pissing away money, and I seriously hope you didn't just add synthetic to whatever oil was in there...

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nah man drained the old black as sin oil i had a discount at work and the 4qt royal was on sale for a very good price. i'm just gonna fix it up as a fun little driver unless i find a cobalt ss/sc motor maybe i think that would be an awesome sweet imo. anyone know a muffler that would sound good in the summer i might see if my buds scion tc wheels will bolt up.

all black will be repainted black. and the rest will be repainted white then i'm getting it tinted at 35% the wheels will be painted white with the recessed parts black think that will look good?

edit also i gotta fix the headlights thinking about a projector swap with it so i can run hids.

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Honestly, it's not worth the money wasting a high end oil on that engine. You're not really benefitting. If anything, conventional high mileage will fare better for the engine.

As for a muffler, Fieros use crossflow mufflers, like an F-body, N-body or Epsilion platform. Magnaflow is your best bet for sound and performance. Flowmaster 80's sound great with the 60*V6's, but you'll need a glasspack or high flow resonator with it.

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well the fiero gave me a birthday surprise my leaking exhaust was the manifold gasket was blown out so i got a new one ordered. Also the leak was not the water pump but the thermostat cap which is right above the water pump which is why i thought it was the pump till i saw the drip. so as soon as the gasket and the coolant reservoir get here she will be fully driveable yay!!!

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