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  1. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    Figured I'd bring it back and update a little bit. It's went through some changes. The shorty headers have been replaced for Kooks Longtube headers, I had a custom vibrant exhaust made up like I had on the GXP. I have changed up the exterior some as well. Also just added some brembo brakes off of a 2011 GT500. Last time it went down the track it ran a 14.18 at 95mph on the 20" wheels. Still has the stock open differential and 3.31 gears.
  2. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    Thanks I appreciate it! I wanna get these. http://www.americanmuscle.com/painted-retro-mirrors-0509.html and these http://www.cervinis.com/05-09mustang-cervini-tail-light-conversion-kit.html
  3. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    It hasn't been back to the track since. Not sure when it's gonna go back.
  4. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    I have decided that i'm stepping back from the car for a little while. I just want to focus on driving and enjoying it some without putting a bunch of money into it.
  5. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    Yeah they're much nicer from the short drive I took today to seat them.
  6. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    So I picked up a 5000 mile front brake setup off of a 2013 Mustang GT. This is a 13.2" front brake setup vs the stock 11.5" brake setup that came standard on my car.
  7. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    Seems to be a little more peppy especially in the mid range, but it's still hard to say since it's been a while since i've really driven it.
  8. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    Headers are on the mustang. I also was able to get it out over the past weekend and have some fun with it. Exhaust before headers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjR4UWc73PI&feature=share&list=UU4yy08pLo_E-Txhi71p1I7w&index=2 Exhaust after headers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UivtzZig2VM&list=UU4yy08pLo_E-Txhi71p1I7w&feature=share
  9. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    Well hopefully sooner than later it will be getting a eaton truetrac differential and 4.10 gears. Then it's time to save for the Vortech HO Supercharger.
  10. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    Nope I have 02 ZX2 as a daily driver. The mustang has been promoted to the weekend toy.
  11. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    I'll let the pics do the talking.
  12. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    They were supposed to go on this week, but my friends lift was tied up.
  13. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    I installed a new Flowmaster Force II Catback which uses 60 Series mufflers on the mustang on thursday Oct 31, it took a little bit of adjusting on the hanger rods to get the fitment where I was happy with it. I still have yet to get the headers on the car though lol....
  14. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    Hoping to be purchasing this soon. http://www.americanmuscle.com/flowmaster-forceii-catback-0509v6.html
  15. The01Cav

    2009 45th Anniversary Pony

    That was more less just some boredom so I took it to see what it would run which was a best of 14.50's so I'm good with that for now on a stock 3.31 open rear. Hoping it picks up a decent amount with 4.10 and a posi.
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