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  1. it also seals in a whole bunch of moisture as well I have them super speed rust
  2. becksmerc

    Becksmerc 07 coupe

    yes i still have stock wheels that have a nice set of all seasons on them no winter tires i like to slide in the winter to much plus they are now plastidipped black with a silver lip
  3. becksmerc

    Becksmerc 07 coupe

    going on thursday morning nitto nt555's 245/40/18
  4. becksmerc

    Twenty's Twenty-twelve

    so far the only quirk is with the super short roush intake it kinda froze the throttle body in the single digit to negative temps so we put the stock intake back on all is well now
  5. becksmerc

    Twenty's Twenty-twelve

    my best friend has a 2011 with a five speed its a fun little car came with sync he put a roush intake on it and went with that so far its a reliable cheap to run little car twenty you probably know him from focusfanatics dukttape cars name is fiona
  6. becksmerc

    The "So What Did you Get for Christmas" thread 2012

    i got a craftsman tool box, air tool set with impact, chisel, and ratchet, a new ceiling fan with a light, new lamp, craftsman work light, mechanix gloves, and some other assorted stuff including a new camera tripod
  7. becksmerc

    Becksmerc 07 coupe

    thank you i got tired of at night not being able to see the cupholders on an all black console so this was my solution. and to havoc thats why i did red for the matching i've drove vehicles without the under dash lights now it just feels wrong to me lol
  8. becksmerc

    Becksmerc 07 coupe

    notice the el wire around the cupholders figured i'd throw up a few shots of the new wheels
  9. becksmerc

    Becksmerc 07 coupe

    Meh they look good i like em
  10. becksmerc

    Becksmerc 07 coupe

    yes sir 18in riax fontanas 350 for rims and tires
  11. becksmerc

    Update On My Fire

    damn that blows
  12. becksmerc

    Twenty's Twenty-twelve

    dude that looks sweet i approve
  13. becksmerc

    Twenty's Twenty-twelve

    you make me want a yellow blaze hatch
  14. becksmerc

    Update On My Fire

    more money is always nice
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