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Accident, not my car though.

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So its Saturday. My girlfriend and I were planning on going to the mall. We go on our dandy way and everyting is good. We get to the intersection of Halladay Ave and Route 75 in CT and then:



I had my head down looking at my phone. I was apparently hit in the hairline with the airbag and knocked unconcious. I remember looking at my phone, then the next thing I knew, I was in a car full of burning radiator/oil smoke with a deployed airbag in my face.

My vision was blurry and all I could hear were the muffled screams of my girlfriend, my own attempt to breath, and my heart beat. It was so surreal man.

My first instinct was to get out. According to my girlfriend I was screaming to get out. I got my girlfriend to the side of the road. Went back to the car, put it in park and disconnected the battery. I was so high on adrenaline I didn't even know what I was doing, it was all instinct.

My girlfriend suffered a badly bruised knee, the other lady was unscathed, cept a small bruise on her shin.


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:blink: wow man im so glat the two of you are ok.

Hows your head? :stars: and do you know what happened??? What kind of car was your girls car I cant tell from the pics?

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>Hyundai Sonata

I've been in a nasty accident like this, not fun. You were relaxed, Mikey, that's why you really didn't really get hurt.

Back in June 07, I was on the LIE, crusing at 70mph, when somebody clipped my left rear quarter panel when I merged into the middle lane (we merged at the same time, myself in the right lane, and guy in the left.) and sent me into a spin. I couldn't recover after five times, and plowed into the right side guard rail head on. Needless to say my 95 Intrepid was toast. I hit the barrier so hard, it bounced me BACK INTO traffic, spun 360*, and the rear hits the barrier and comes to a stop. Scared the shit outta me. I avoided the LIE and other highways for months after that. But then again, I was only 20 when that happened...I was pretty reckless back then, that chilled me out some though.

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Nerf gun was the best part!

Glad to hear you are okay, I was in a coupld of bad accidents a few years back, neither one was my fault and I got all of the injuries and damage... last one was in 08 and I still hurt from it.

Take it easy, you might have soft tissue damage and it can not show up for days.

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I like how at the beginning your forgot you were making a vid of the accident or a vid at all. :lol: You had a moment "like so any who what am I doing....." :lol: Then a min later the whole BLA thing after you drew on your desk. :lol: Then the end was classic you and this is a Nerf gun. Boom!

Thats all the proof/renforcement why your my member of the year and why I nom'ed you for funniest user. ;)

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