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  1. The dealer sticker was on the left. Removed that, since it was just a thick sticker. The "supercharged" was on the right. It didn't really match since it was black w/ gold on the face. The buick letters are all gold. I felt the "supercharged" badge looked cheap so i removed that, but kept it w/ all of my other old badges. I just never took a pic. I think it cleans up the rear And for the bike, it's definitely going to be a big step up from the CBR. Even though its a 3cyl 675, the bike is actually quicker around a track than a 4cyl 750 suzuki. The previous owner raced his brother on
  2. Some updates, first of the year. Debadged the rear of the Buick (95) and got a new toy Figured I'd clean up the rear of the 95 Buick. Took the dealer sticker off the side, and took the supercharged badge off the other side. I've been contemplating removing the Buick letters in the middle, we'll see. And now my first purchase of 2016, drum roll please... 2006 Triumph Daytona 675. Purchased from the original owner, only 7k miles. Color is called Tornado Red. Can't wait til winter is over. This is by far the best looking bike (in my opinion of course) ma
  3. 8.1, nice. I've got that in my truck. Guzzles gas but I can never run out of power. Zac Draper had a 8.1 Silverado and said he'd only get another truck if it had that in it
  4. I can live with saying that's a Willys. I couldn't have gotten that close. Thanks a lot for the help guys, and thanks Stratman. Nailed it again. Looks like I owe you 2 beers now. One for the Willys and one from that Mazda RX4 over a year ago
  5. Thanks for the info. The wheels were definitely throwing me off when I was comparing the car to Ford Model A's.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Ringo I'm not really sure when the photograph was taken, I asked my dad and he thinks possibly the 30's. I just checked Ford Model A production, it says 1927-1931. I'm not really good with the really old cars. If it is a Model A then I can check pictures of each year and compare them to the one in the pic if there really is only 5 years. I just wasn't sure the make. This helps narrow it down though
  7. You guys did great on the last topic I created asking for help figuring out what car was in a picture I posted. I need help again. My dad was going through old pictures and found this one of his mother standing next to an old car. What is the car?
  8. Really tired right now. Woke up early to get some pics, went to work, then over to the family Thanksgiving dinner. Here's my update. I bought a car. It was one of the few cars I was interested in when searching for a winter rat/daily driver. I showed a picture of it to my friend who felt the need to go look at it, possibly for himself. After looking over the car and driving it, I couldn't pass it up, so I bought it. It's a 1995 Buick Park Ave Ultra. So I still got the supercharged 3.8 V6 like I wanted, just a series 1 instead of the 2. Car is immaculately clean. One owner, little 88 year old l
  9. Alright, I've got an update. My friend really likes the Grand Am. He liked it as soon as I sent him a picture of it the day I got it. Then when I put the black housing headlights in he really really wanted it. So I gave him the keys for a week and told him to make sure he wanted it. Last Tuesday was a week and he called me saying that he was sure he wanted it. So I'm trading him the Grand Am for his 2010 Hyundai Elantra. Since I've been driving the car for a week I can tell you this, I absolutely hate this car. I'm embarrassed to be seen in it, it's beyond slow, and it just feels very cheap. N
  10. Thanks stratman. Yea I saw both episodes. It actually aired a day or 2 after I got home with mine. I definitely respect the work gone into that car, however they removed some of the aspects that make it a 59, such as putting 60 tail light lenses on the back, modifying the grille (the first thing that made me fall in love with 59's) and changing the ignition. I really hope I don't get a "hey is that the same kind of car from Bitchin Rides?" I'm all for people knowing what a 59 is, but I'm hoping Bitchin Rides isn't the first thing the 59 is associated to. Unfortunately I've already seen an ad f
  11. This years submission. First year was the 01 GTP, next year was the 02 GT, then last year was the 99 Firebird. This year the 02 Grand Am
  12. Well after 11 days and multiple tries of getting a good shot of the Am, I've finally narrowed it down to 4 possibilities. They are all pretty much the same, with slight differences. The number above the actual picture is what I'll refer to that picture as. I'll add a few words as to the pros and cons of each. 1) 2) 3) 4) I'm picking 4. In my opinion the lighting is the best in 4. I think 4 also has the best angle of the car. 3 has the best background. The paint looks the blackest in 1 and 2. But the paint is too shiny in 2, causing the rear quarter to
  13. Got my headlights and installed them. Here are the before, installation, and after pics. The lights came with bulbs, but I'll keep the originals since the bulbs that came with the blue grand prix's headlights burnt out within a few days. The lights were held in by two metal clips that were a pain to remove and put back in. I've done grand prix lights too, I'd say the grand prix lights are easier to swap, but they have weak little plastic clips that break too easily. Other than an oil change and tint and wa
  14. According to UPS my headlights will be here on Friday I also went out on a nice long cruise with the 59. I brought my camera but didn't take as many shots as I would have liked. Here are a few
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