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  1. LN7_NUT

    Win a 2015 FP Calendar

    I never know what day it is, please help!
  2. LN7_NUT

    Win a 2014 Forever Pontiac Calendar!

    Holy crap, I was able to sign in... 2014 is the best year EVER!
  3. I find that a lot of the people I meet in the 18-25 year old range seem to not want a car, or if they get one they don't want much to do with it and only want it in automatic... these people tend to live in the city and have menial jobs and they just don't seem to want to try to go for anything... I have been hanging around with a new group of friends the last year or so and a bunch of them are in that age group and were of that mentality till they started doing more and more stuff with me... driving around in my Hot Rods and my 31 Pontiac and me telling them of my adventures in roadtripping has changed a lot of their ideas on cars and driving, and a lot of these people are now getting older cars, quite a few with manuals, and they are learning the joys of the car hobby! All it takes is showing them the way. I live in the country, I'm 30 years old, and I rode a bicycle everywhere for alot of years...and I live in Canada... I got to love having a car to drive very quickly (especially in winter) and I am no where near falling out of love with my car or anything to do with cars.
  4. LN7_NUT

    SPRING is on the way

    This was today for me. There was a 100 car pile-up behind me, and a 12 car pile up ahead of me... Being as there was a tow ban on I gave a lady a lift so she could get to the airport after her Chev truck was rear ended and the drive shaft went through the gas tank.
  5. LN7_NUT

    SPRING is on the way

    I plowed 2 days ago... I plowed yesterday... I need to plow right now... But I can't find where my plow is...
  6. LN7_NUT

    Working on my English paper when suddenly...

    METH. Not even once.
  7. LN7_NUT


    I'd love to in one as I can't afford to buy one... Yay me!
  8. LN7_NUT

    Avatar themes!

  9. LN7_NUT

    Best Photography (winner)

    Really? Wow, thanks so much, a nice ego boost since I lost my camera! LOL
  10. LN7_NUT

    Post your hedgehog.

    The Sonic fandumb is retarded? Did you know that water is also wet? First thing that pops up for me is this I hate that crap that almost everyone puts on their characters faces... And a dishonorable mention to this one that came up as well... I got so sick of the rabid fan-tards that I essentially left the fandumb to preserve what I actually liked about Sonic.
  11. LN7_NUT

    Forum Behaviour

    Lurk lurk lurk...
  12. LN7_NUT

    Avatar themes!

  13. LN7_NUT

    Did you name your car?

    I have like 80 cars... a few of them have names. Big orange 94 Ford F350 is "Orange Crush" (named by my friends) 79 Continental is jokingly called "Big Pimpin" 52 Dodge 1 ton I plow my yard with was named "Rat" back in 84 when we went through some old emblems and found matching letters to spell that out (From a Dart) My 36 GMC Tow Truck is called Tetanus 46 Ford Glass-top bus is called "Brew" because it is an old Brewster bus that used to do the Columbia icefield tours in the 40's, and because we always had a lot of beer on hand during the build. 59 Suburban limo is "The Hugeness" or sometimes called "The Massive" or just "The Burban" 57 Chevrolet crane is called "Dangly Parts" 79 Econoline (built like a racecar LOL) is called "Big Red" 31 Pontiac is often called "The Yak" I got an 88 EXP and gave it to my dad recently, the previous owner named it Gizmo... I have a chopped 1948 Dodge sedan called Choppy I'm sure some of the others have names but it's not coming to me right now... />http://www.cardomain.com/id/ln7_nut/
  14. LN7_NUT

    Avatar themes!

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