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Nov. 16, 1995 - Mar. 31, 2011

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so I was out driving a friend to the auto shop (irony, you fiend!) and I crested a hill at about 25-30 mph and was greeted by the wonderful view of brake lights about 50 yards ahead. my ABS INOP light was not on, yet my ABS did not engage. I skidded under a honda civic (the wide scrape in the pictures on the front bumper is from her licence plate.)

the frame is bent in more than one place due to this, my intake is demolished, my fuse block is broken and the driver's headlight is gone. the light motor is still there and still working apparently. the car still drives straight, and I trust it enough to get me home, but I'm gonna go home and start parting it out after the semester is done. the picture of me holding up the hood is as far as it will open

Not for the faint of heart:














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damn. :lol: i guess when GM said they wanted to kill off Pontiac, i guess really kill off Pontiac. :willy_nilly::huh: one at a time, theyre going down. :huh:

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' date='Mar 31 2011, 03:29 PM' post='51698']

So you're SOL?

What about the Civic you hit?

the damage that I did to her car is covered... what little there is... her car is basically fine... its gonna need a new rear bumper foam and cover and maybe a new rear PS wheel. I think my bumper hit her wheel.

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  • 2 months later...

Update as of 6/5/11:

The body shop wants 2200 to fix all of the Sheet metal and frame problems, including damage from the previous owner. So I'm looking at a total repair cost of about $3000 to get it back to factory specs. that price jumps to about 3500 if I go with a 98+ front clip. Thats about the cost to buy a comparable used car. So either way, I'm going to need about $3-4000 to get a Firebird with a good body and motor, whether thats the one I have now fixed or a new one. Unless I find a killer deal between now and when I get the money saved, I'm going to be getting back in the saddle in about August '12. Until then, its going to be covered. I think I'll also try to save up some extra cash for suspension goodies and go fast parts. I have to take the radiator and AC condenser out for the body shop, so maybe a cam...

in the meantime, prolly gonna hoopty it up with a Craigslist special. Geo metro, here I come, fml

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  • Founders

Ouch, yeah honestly I wouldn't know where to go with it.

GEOs aren't that bad, it's a slight step up from a brisk walk at least :rofl:

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