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What model/year is this Pontiac?

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Hi, welcome to FP.

Can you try re-loading your photograph as either a JPG,PNG, or some other graphic format. I am unable to open this phonograph with the HEIC data type.

Ringo, can you help?

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Guessing....71/72 Bonneville.   Pic's of the rear end would be helpful.  Rear door window slopes up sharply above doorhandle.  Not sure about piller post.

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Thank you Ringo. 


I don't think it is a Bonneville. The reason I say so is that the front fender cutout for the lights/grill is a lot deeper, as in toward the tire, on the Bonneville. Possibly 5-6 inches, where the same spot in the picture looks to be about 2-3 inches. Hence my thought of the chrome around the Parisienne's headlights. Also, the vertical body line on the fender is touching the same area in the picture, while being separated by another 4-5 inches on the Bonnevilles.


One thing throwing me off, is that there is a hole for a marker light on the same fender. I haven't seen pictures of any vehicles with marker lights there. I do know it was a Pontiac, but while searching the entire car, was only able to find Pontiac logos and none of the model. 

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1969 Pontiac VIN....


First digit 

2 = Pontiac


23= Firebird

33= Tempest

35= Custom S

37= LeMans

39= Tempest Safari

42= GTO

52= Catalina

56= Executive 

62= Bonneville 

76= Gand Prix

Fourth and fifth digits 

27= 2 dr Sport Coupe

35,36=station Wagon (2 seat)

37= Hardtop Sport coupe

39= 4dr hardtop

46= Station Wagon (3 seat)

57= Hardtop coupe

67= Convertible 

69= 4dr sedan

Sixth digit..

9= model year (1969)

7th digit = assembly plant

1= Oshawa,Ont...Canada

A= Atlanta Ga.

B= Baltimore MD..

C= Southgate,Ca

E= Linden, NJ..

G= Framington,MA

L= Van Nuys, CA

N= Norwood, OH

P= Pontiac, Mich..

R=Arlington, TX

U=Lordstown OH..

X= Kansas City, KS

Z= Fremont, Ca..

Last six digits....

1=V8. Then the rest of digits=Sequence #s

2=six cyl..sequence #s

Hope maybe this will help satisfy your curiosity....

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On 2/5/2021 at 10:13 AM, PumbaaToots said:

Hey everyone, first post here. So I found this Pontiac years ago in a parts yard and thought it was so cool I had to take a picture. From what research I have done, I'm thinking it is a '69 Parisienne, but I'm not 100% positive on it. Anyone have an opinion?  Unfortunately I only have the one picture. 


20191111_152626.heic 2.47 MB · 6 downloads

Yea! JustA saw this! If you’re speaking of the blue car in the picture? That’s not a Pontiac! That a Chrysler! Pontiac never built anything that had a rear quarter rear door configuration that had that kind of sharp body line turn down! Only Lincoln, Ford & Chrysler. And of the three I only remember Chrysler having an individual stand alone turn signal side marker that high up in the front fender!

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Upon further review after looking at the picture closer...

I am 100% sure....The car in question is a 1969 Buick Lesabre....

The chrome trim (Buick portholes)  on the fender is what gave it away...

Looked on line..Typed in 1969 Buick Lesabre and found some pics that matched up perfectly...But I couldn't figure out how to download it to my phone and then post it here...

As I am an old guy and not really computer savvy.....

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