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SV-6 Progression

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Well, considering I been on here a while, figured I should probably get one of these progression threads going.

Purchase -- sellers picture before I went to see it:


Got it home, my new toy:


Windshield Banner:


Dual Exhaust -- Glasspack as resonator:


Painted Brake Calipers:





CAI #1:


CAI #2:


CAI #3 & current:




Air Horn:




FP Stickers :dancingpontiac:



It's a lot but practically nothing... haha :dancingpontiac:

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how do u drive in rain??wouldn't intake get a tad wet?

There's a solstice around here running the same type of intake (feeding from the grille). He claims water gets on it but it doesn't go up or does the filter itself get soaked with water.

Don't know if the same happens here.

Looks good though, I like the FP stickers! They look good! :lol2:

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haha yeah I don't have any problems with water, and it runs beautifully. Once I pay it off in the spring, then I'll put nice rims on it, but we'll see. Gotta find the right set of 20" by 8" rims haha.... maybe next summer, or next fall I'll find a cheap deal of someone selling their rims to have money over winter haha.. lots of hard work. the fly eyes tail tint didn't work out, too many contours to my lights and almost had it stretched perfectly themn it tore... so I'll be sending that back for a refund haha. we'll see what else I decide to do... :lol2:

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I think you should make a box for the filter, that way all the air that is going past it is forced to enter the intake, and it will also help cut back on the hot air from the engine

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I think you should make a box for the filter, that way all the air that is going past it is forced to enter the intake, and it will also help cut back on the hot air from the engine

Yeah I know, there's not a whole lot of hot air getting to it where it's at. The radiator is between the engine and the filter and there's the fans there so not a whole lot. But I am going to get some sheet steel and use that to make a box for the filter. I want it to be chrome-looking like the filter's framing. I will do some changing, just have to get the resources first.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well guys to answer a few questions...

The rims are 17's, planning for 20's in the spring!!!

The role call thing would be awesome but I'm only part of 3 crews,

FP, RK.com and 60*v6.

That's about it though, I wanna get the sticker for RK underneath those two I already have, I really like the whole idea of having them similar on each side of the back windows (same stickers driver's & pass side).

Can't wait to get the 80 series on there, the dynomax just aint loud enough!!

But, I have to buy Des another car, well, we have to buy her one. Her car isn't the most reliable and because it's in her mom's name we can't exactly rely on it anyways... mommy likes to pull the you do this, you lose this. Well, thanks for the compliments guys! Besides the fact that the van is FILTHY in these shots it's nice to have some props :lol2:

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