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  1. i found some on ebay, but was interested in seeing what they go for new...i think its kina cool to add a older pontiac look to a new pontiac
  2. 85-92 Trans Am SIDE HOOD LOUVERS/VENTS its the 2 vents that are up towards the windshield area...any help would be killer
  3. wouldn't it have been smarter to take the top 4 winners from the first round and automatically inserted them into the calender and take out the bottom people who had the lowest votes and then let everyone vote on the inbetween people for the 2nd round?
  4. always wanted to do a red strip....thanks jedi..great work
  5. http://allentown.craigslist.org/pts/2373739612.html have no idea what ur lookin for but just throwing these out there...these powdercoated black would be sexy
  6. thanks jedi...ill wait to do this prob when i get these wheels painted black later in the summer... let me know if you can do these wheels black with the yellow headlights
  7. Looks badass man...anyway of doin that first pic...wanna see how it might flow with the purple
  8. can someone photoshop yellow film over my headlights...thinkin about doing this over my stockers when i get my led ones fixed
  9. yea not sure how big this meet is gonna be...prob small...30 cars maybe...ill def be at englishtown...wont do the quarter prob...my car hasn't changed since last yr
  10. Go spoilerless....what's up with that tint? It looks so bad ass....half mirror half tint....its like the best of both worlds...I always wanted to do this tint but don't know if I can pull it off....I wouldn't tint front windows too...it makes the tint flow a lot better when some windows are tinted and others aren't...I bet the ladies love lookin into the mirrors
  11. http://www.ecotecforum.com/forums/showthre...0521#post150521 ill def be here...anybody wanna cruise out, let me know
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