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  1. JUSTA6

    69 Lemans.... just love it

    The rearview mirror seems to be pointed at the left. Looks to me like the navigator is happy to be in the shot.
  2. Started to chime in on the subject when reporting Vee...Starchief pic. So many great cars cut off, trash cans/yard crap in the background. Happy to see so many participating. Justa tip to help you and your pride N joy make some rounds.
  3. Click on the number of votes for each participant.....far right on the graph.
  4. Vee1956Starchief is pictured but not on the voting ballot. Make sure he get's in somewhere, it's a nice ride, good background = calandar shot.
  5. JUSTA6

    1st time Pontiac owner here

    Cool roadtrip....nice find.
  6. JUSTA6

    Sellers INDIAN Summer car show

    Yes a shot for Havoc....where ever you are. Burt, your remembered also.
  7. JUSTA6

    Sellers INDIAN Summer car show

    My pick for Best of Show......amazing. I have never seen side visors before.
  8. Started a new post in General......CK it out.
  9. Wow, beautiful day, great friends, perfect weather. Didn't really sink in til I backed the GTO into the garage. That's the last show of the year for me! Justa6, JustaG6, Frosty and IndymanJoe enjoyed our Indian summer day and Frosty and I both won an award. Let me kick off some pic's of the day and maybe Frosty will add in a few shots to pick up the slack.
  10. Don't know about Joe, Justa G6 will be riding shotgun with me as her car already has the storage INS on it. This will be the last show of the year for the GTO as well. Time to move on to huntin season and the winter toys.
  11. JUSTA6

    Our Pontiac in a museum!

    Very cool. Well deserved honor for you and your ride!
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