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I just hope all you young bucks know just how famous this Old Man Taylor is in the Pontiac world.  Like mega famous... Uber famous!! Like IN-famous!!!

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1 hour ago, Ringo64 said:

I was worried this topic was created by @notallthere:rofl: 

Congrats, man! She's looking great! How'd the quality turn out?


So far it is looking great, but I will see it in the sun for this first time late today.

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Itchy right foot syndrome. Only one way to cure that.  Hope all is perfect!!!!

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Looks good and just in time for cruisin.

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This car looks stunning.


Ok 360Rocket - now you've piqued my curiosity. Is Old Man Taylor none other than "the" Jim Taylor? 

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I am a Jim Taylor, I don't know if I am "the" Jim Taylor.  I'm the one who posts on  bulletin boards.  I call myself the West Coast Jim Taylor so as not to be confused with the engine builder in New Jersey.  However, he passed away last year, so there should not be anymore confusion.

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Yes he is THE Jim Taylor but he is no less famous than the POntiac engine builder Jim Taylor. This is the Racing Jim Taylor that I have had the pleasure to read about and learn about over on the Ames/Performance tech forums for as long as I can remember. Listen to the wisdom this man can pass on! He is a Pontiac legend!

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