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Stratman's '93 Grand Am GT

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Not sure if it will be a future classic, but I still haven't forgotten my '93 Grand Am GT. It was, by far, my favorite daily driver. At the time, I had a job that required me to maintain equipment in three states and D.C., and I drove it 168K miles in four years ('93-'97). It got a cracked head, and rather than getting it fixed, the dealer I bought it from gave me a good deal trading it in on a '97 Sunfire. Man, now I wished I had fixed it and kept it... loved that car! It had the 180 hp Quad4HO motor and a 5-speed stick and was a great handling car. What made me think of it was Mrs. Stratman has been going through boxes of old photos and found these two pictures of the Grand Am shortly after I bought it. The pictures aren't great, had a pretty crappy camera at the time.





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Ahhh the ones that got away.  Hope you both are doing well.

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1 hour ago, JUSTA6 said:

Ahhh the ones that got away.  Hope you both are doing well.

Yep... we all have stories about the ones that got away, dang it!

Thanks for asking about us,  JUSTA. I am praying for a miracle for Mrs. Stratman, I know God can do it if it is His will. She cannot take any more radiation or chemo, and surgery is off the table now too. She is taking a drug that has not been FDA approved for her cancer, but is FDA approved for lung cancer and has slowed the growth in SOME of those patients. Our insurance would not pay for this drug even though we have already met all deductibles for this year, obviously they would rather she just die. I praise God for her doctor as she appealed directly to the manufacturer and they sent us the pills for free! If we had to pay, one bottle of 30 pills would cost about $8K! The drug company gets something out of it in that her cancer is pretty rare and if it slows the growth, then it will help them get FDA approval to use on vulvar cancer. I'm sorry for the long winded TMI reply... it touches my heart when folks I have never even met want to know how we are doing.

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Stratman, car people are the best folk I know for support. I know from personal expinece. I had a near death situation in 2010 at the POCI convention in Charleston WV. My colon burst and I was in ICU for a month, most of it in a medically induced coma. At one point my kidneys shutdown. It is a miracle I am here today.

The West Virginia Mustang club, Kanatha Valley Corvette Club, and Golden Oldies took turns looking in on my wife and stepson to see if they needed anything. They even donated money, which was totally unexpected. So I learned a huge lesson in humility, Christian giving, and learned to thank God for car people.

To this day, returning to Charleston is more about renewing my friendships than it is a car show. I have already won the biggest prize there is.

So understand that we are a community and we support each other. If there is something we can do, please just ask. You are already in my family's prayers. I am sure others will say the same.

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We have your back bro, even if its Justa ear or place to vent!  You have both been in the thoughts N prayers.

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Thanks guys, it means a lot that you all are still thinking of us. Keep those prayers coming, God bless you all.


Frosty... apparently God has some plan for you here on earth as he didn't call you home during that terrible time you had!

Edited by stratman
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