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Roxer's 2007 Solstice GXP


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New to the forum and already started the build. Couldn't wait! This is a great car for modding. So without further adieu I give you my:

2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP - MYSTERIOUS

Name: 女妖 (Nǚ Yāo - Banshee)

Options: Manual Trans, Monsoon Sound w/ XM Radio, Premium Package, Headliner, Sport Pedals
Brought Home Stock (2nd Owner): August 9, 2014
First MOD: September 8, 2014
Dyno'd: May 25, 2016 @DDMWorks - 525hp/467whp/461tq



Werks WR-4 (EFR-7163) Turbo Kit w/ Forge BPV and Gloss Black powder coat
LDK Block/LNF Head w/ Molnar Rods/Wiseco 86mm Pistons/ARP Head Studs/Phenolic Intake & TB Spacer
AEM Water/Methanol Injection w/ Devilsown DO10 (965cc/min) nozzle

MP Gloss Black powder coated valve cover
PTP Turbo Blanket
DDM Dyno/Street Tune
DDM Polished Aluminum Cold Air Intake
DDM Black Coil Cover
DDM Oil Catch Can w/ Steel Braided Hoses
DDM Power Steering Relocate
DDM Polished Aluminum Charge Pipes
DDM Custom Polished Aluminum Heat Shield
DDM Silicon Hoses (Coolant/Rad/TB)
DDM Intercooler
DDM Short Shifter
DDM 2.0L Clutch kit
SOLO Performance High-Flow CAT
SOLO Performance Mach Exhaust



DDM Race Backbone
DDM Pro-Beam
DDM Stainless Steel Brake Lines
DDM Wilwood BB Kit w/ GT48 Slotted Rotors
DDM Rear Slotted Rotors
DDM Coilover Cover Caps
BC Racing Coilovers
FE3 Z0K Sway Bars
GM Z0K Alignment
Forgestar F14 18x8.5/18x9.5 Staggered Wheels in Brushed Titanium
BFG G-Force Sport Comp2 245/45ZR18 F & 275/40ZR18 R tires



Tinted Side and Rear Windows
Customized Leather "GXP" center console
Customized Leather "GXP" sun visor covers
Customized Leather emergency brake cover
DDM gauge pod w/ AEM Digital Boost and Methanol Failsafe gauges
DDM Leather shifter boot w/ MOMO shift knob
DDM Polished Lil' Chromies
DDM KappaRoo
DDM KappaAttic
DDM KappaLuggage



Aftershock Products Rear Lip Spoiler
Kappasphere Chrome Domes
Antenna-X Shorty Antenna
ASAP Graphics Fender Inserts (BW EFR Logo)
ASAP Graphics Backup Light & Fog Light Covers
ASAP Graphics Side Marker covers
ASAP Graphics Third Brake light Decal "BANSHEE"
Red Rear Calipers
GM Flyswatter (Wind Deflector)



Main Gauge face change
Kappa Blanket
Clear Bra
Aftershock Products Recessed Grills (fingers crossed)
Aftershock Products Side Skirts (fingers crossed)
Santana Cup Holder
DDM Wilwood Rear Brake Kit
DDM Anodized Engine Cap Covers
Sound System Speaker upgrade (Radio?)

Pictures of the day I brought her home. Love that 4x4 wheel well look. 





Edited by roxer
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First I started on the engine with the GM Performance Tune and CAI. Added the DDMWorks Charge pipes, then the suspension - Z0K springs and sways, DDMWorks Backbone and Pro-Beam. Now she sits just about right:





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More engine work with the DDMWorks coil cover, Intercooler, Oil Catch Can and Power Steering relocation kit. Decided to do the calipers in red with GXP decals I picked up from fleabay:




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Named her Nu Yao (Pronounced "New Yao": means Banshee in Chinese) because I had some air leaks around one of the charge pipes - made a howling sound when I got on it. That's fixed now, but the name stuck.





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I see yu made it over from the Solstice Forum...HORRAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

I saw Alex and 2007 Sky and wondered if you were over there or not. I live on the Solstice and Kappa Performance forums - it's like crack cocaine. I saw this forum and really like it here - awesome focus on the Pontiac brand. Good to have friends everywhere too. I see so many kappas in Charlotte, but no group. So I'll go at it from the Pontiac perspective.

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Ordered the DDMWorks Stage 1 Brake kit and Tune. Hope to get that by end of the week. I went with cross drilled/slotted rotors instead of the j-hook versions. I think I will regret that later. Waiting on Aftershock to send my rear spoiler - its being painted now. I will snag the AEM Stage 2 Meth kit mid May and have that installed by Dr. Dave from DDMWorks along with a dyno tune by end of May. I have a business trip to China coming up - not convenient when you want to mod your car. But then it helped me slow down on spending my money - for a little while at least!

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you know what yu need........new TURBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Dave is supposed to release a ZFR kit this month (May). I will wait to see what he has to offer before going to PAW. I like the PAW kit, but Dave is local to me and if he has something comparable, then local it is. But right now it is meth/tune and then turbo. Trying to do this in stages.

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so true. and if something will be released then maybe you can talk your way into being first since youre local.

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He's already done it on another Kappa Performance member's car - Elf. That was the prototype he is using for the kit. Still, doesn't hurt to ask though, right? Of course Elf's car is the model I'm looking to follow now since IBDRINKEN has his car up for sale (also another member). I just bought the AEM kit form Amazon - so now to schedule the install and tune. Dave does the tune as well (HP Tuners).

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A pic of the car with the ASAP Graphics backup light covers installed - nice fat stance.


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  • Founders

Not sure if I'm a fan of the backup light covers but that Solstice has a nice rear ;)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Added a few new things to Banshee:


DDM Slotted/Cross drilled rotors

DDM Stainless brake lines

Porterfield R4S Brake Pads

ASAP Graphics Fog and Sidemarker Light Covers







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DDM's offering a killer wilwood set up. As soon as he releases that and the price, I'm going to go that route.

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Neat little bugger. Get a blow off valve, these cars look so non intimidating, it will make people wonder what the hell is going on when you're next to them. :lol:

Needs new shoes, tho. And wheels planned?

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Noms, love it! Need to get you a better camera next though biggrin.png


Yeah, my iPhone sucks at pics. As soon as I slow down with the mods I'll have the cash.  Come on - priorities man!!   tongue.png



Neat little bugger. Get a blow off valve, these cars look so non intimidating, it will make people wonder what the hell is going on when you're next to them. lol2.gif 

Needs new shoes, tho. And wheels planned?


My next feat is getting the AEM methanol injection kit and tune installed.  Parts are sitting in my garage waiting.  naughty.gif    Then its on to a bigger turbo (EFR 62/6758).


As for the wheels, that's the debate going on in my head (other than the "have you seen the size of your wallet lately?" one).  I have stock sized BFG g-Force Sport Comp-2s on order.  As for rims, I don't know whether to go with piano/gloss black, brushed, chrome or gunmetal.


I can get some Forgestar F14s in 18x8.5/18x9.5 staggered.  But I am leaning heavy on keeping it stock sized. Suggestions are welcome...



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  • Founders

The pics of the Camaro scared me that:

A. You were going to get a Camaro.

B. You were thinking about 20s



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Run 19"s. Smaller sidewall will make the car feel more responsive (stiffer sidewalls FTW)

As for wheels, there's so many Chinese brand wheels floating around, you have to be leery. Enkei is a good entry level real wheel. RPF1s are good looking, ultra light and very strong. I know they're in 18"s, might be in 19"s as well.

Other good wheels are SSR, BBS, Advan, Gram Lights, Volks, TSW, ROH...

Beware of brands like Rota, XXRs, etc.

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