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  1. Same thing here - guy carrying the spring bed of an old mattress didn't secure it and it tumbled down the freeway and hit a car windshield on a hop. He kept going...
  2. This thing is a freakin' rocket!! Blew through a whole gallon of meth/water first day. Those rear tires really grip well, I am surprised they hold when I'm pushing the car. Very happy with this build. Now to the other cosmetics on the car.
  3. Holy crud man, that looks bad. No frame damage?
  4. Finally got her home Sunday - wow a long wait!! Was dirty as hell too. Took hours to clear her off and detailed. Some detailing left to go. He thrashed those brakes tuning the car. Trailer pic with the car at DDMWorks before delivery. Car pulls like crazy!! just needs a couple of tweaks, one on the methanol failsafe alarm. Triggers too soon. Clutch is tricky as it releases closer to the top, so a learning curve there. Love the car. Jeez this is a blast to drive now!
  5. Final tune and numbers finished this morning - 525hp/460whp/460tq. Very happy with the result. Totally blown away that this engine is making this kind of power with just changed rods and pistons - otherwise all stock. I know the turbo and tune have a lot to do with it, but this engine is crazy efficient to handle this kind of psi. Turbo hitting 30psi. At one point he hit 515whp / 592HP with this engine as can bee seen in the pic.
  6. Truth is, at those numbers, I don't think I have enough tire to handle that torque/power on the street. I think 450 is a more realistic, and safe, number. Other than the tune, it's done. Just waiting for the final numbers and I get to pick her up! What's cool is, even at 450whp, I'm still higher than a 2016 Mustang GT by 15hp at the crank and mine weighs 900lbs less to boot. Heh.
  7. God I thought this was never going to happen. Finally making 30psi on the turbo and shooting for 450whp on the dyno. Dave said he had issues getting the leaks found and closed up. We are making money now - hope to get this guy back by this weekend (not holding my breath though).
  8. Me too. It was the heat shield that was holding him up. He would have melted a few things without it and high boost. Now that is done, tuning was done yesterday and dyno this week - hopefully today.
  9. Couple of engine shots - Dave made a killer heat shield. He worked out the tune this weekend - mostly yesterday. I'm hoping to see some dyno numbers today or tomorrow latest.
  10. They finally got the Wilwood brakes, BC Coilovers and wheels/tires on. Ride height will have to be set back to FE3 Z0K spring height and an alignment done. They had to cut holes in the rear wheel wells so the shock adjustments would be accessible. Dave made some caps using his 3D printer. Pretty cool! Next is the tune and dyno runs. I am supposed to pick it up Saturday - fingers crossed.
  11. Good question. I talk to Dave about the tune tomorrow. Goal is whatever HP I can get it to safely without fueling issues. That is with 93 octane and methanol injection. I will know better after my discussion with him. We did go with larger injectors and hope that is enough without adding a cam with an upgraded fuel lobe. We talked about that, but it beats the h*ll out of the high pressure fuel pump (cam driven). I'm not totally opposed to it, but they are expensive for the increase they give and shortens the life of the pump and valve train. If I had to guess, it would be 24-26psi range
  12. Turbo install. Liking the black and polished look.
  13. Yeah - no lambo doors on a Soltice. Looks good on the Sky though. It has more of that Euro look. Good weather here is killing me. Wish I had my car right now. I can wait though, this should be fun.
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