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Killiger's Redline Sky

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Ok so as of right now we are at just under 37,000 miles. Purchased for $12,250 with all original paperwork (even window sticker) from the original owner. I have a ton of future mods in store and want to share with epic journey with everyone even though it's a little :offtopic: being a Redline (Saturn). So far the only mod I am aware of is the functional RK Sport Ram Air hood. Also, I debadged, removed the "Aggie Girl" sticker from the back window and gave Veronica some clay bar action.







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  • Founders

Definitely like the Sky's interior rather than the Solstices. I feel that is really where GM dropped the ball on the Solstice and what really prevents me from wanting/owning one. Though I would kill for a Solstice Coupe GXP.

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  • Founders

I like the Solstice's exterior and the Sky's. If I was going to get one or the other it would come down to price really, or my Pontiac loyalty :lol:

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Im not saying Im not loyal to Pontiac...especially when my boss's father and him ran a Pontiac dealership locally and his old man has a 68' GTO. Also the office I work in is decorated with car galore and Pontiac memorabilia. But I just love the Redline

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Ok so first of view this video to see the potential....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnIMwU8riQU

DDM Works Intercooler and piping

RK Sport Ram Air Intake (same people as the hood)

RPI GT Exhaust...best sounding 4 banger ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBn-2LU4bLU

Hahn BOV (Adjustable)

High Flow Cat


A tune (dyno, of from a vendor) This is the biggest because without doing anything to the car the RWHP goes from 220RWHP and 235TQ t0 305RWHP 345TQ

Possible upgrade to a new turbo, the K04's seem to crack, so playng it safe

Norm's Fiberglass Rear Varience

HID'/LED headlights and reverse lights as well as interior

New sound system (Pioneer of course, especially the Appradio so I can see the cars functions real time)

Maybe ZZP cams, which pushes it all to over 370RWHP, becasue the ones in there now are weak, from what I've read

This list is longer than I thought LOL so about $4-5k...then it blows up and I drop an LS2 in it :naughty: and I already have the Fiance on board for it all

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These are...interesting....looking cars in my eyes.

RWD and turbo is a fantastic combo with a manual transmission. Why go with an auto though?

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For one I can drive manual, but havent in years and didn't have anyone to get it with me that could drive it. Also, its a turbo, when you shift in manual you lose your boost, but in an auto it still stays built since you are giving so much time in between shifts.

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i like it. id take a Redline and really mod it. keep a Solstice GXP coupe as is. i like the Sky dash better than the Solstice dash.

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I remember when the Solstice/Sky came out. I was ashamed of myself because I really liked the Saturn's looks better. Still do, great looking car. I look forward to watching your progression on it.

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