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new here

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well im new here found this place off a link in cardomain (go fig right?)

i just picked up a 1997 bonneville ssei for 2500, shes a beast compared to my

now dead land rover.

well tell me what you think.





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as for the mods ... there is a big list ill prly do them in stages

to begin with

zzp plog

3in down pipe with cat and rear o2 delete

cai or fwi (having decided yet)

180 t-stat

new plugs one heat range cooler

the htp tuner program (so i can play)

(maybe the 1:9 rockers from intense racing)

and dual super 40s

and might drop to a 3.5 or 3.6 s/c pulley

drilled (maybe slotted roters)

ceramic pads

fulcen (spelling) tires all the way around

and maybe some American racing rims (16's)

then audio has yet to be decided but ill put the plans down but they might change

infenaty doors and 6x9's the doors will be the components

and maybe a m/a 10in mojo pushing 600 watts in-between the 6/9s with a custom box on the back that's hidden in the trunk

the head unit has yet to be decided

as for the out side

clear the corners and the rears

relocate the tail lamp that's in the back on the inside to behind the Pontiac semble so it lights up

25% tint all the way around

and maybe a re-badge to some chrome and black ssei sembels ( the stock ones blend in to much)

all ready done

rewired the front head lights so the lows stay on with the highs

and a fog light bypass so they can stay on all the time

what ya think?


( she will look stock but eat little children alive)

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Nifty plans. BUT, there is no need to have dual mufflers out back, a crossflow muffler will work perfectly, since it'll line up with your existing exhaust hangers for the stock muffler. Magnaflows' sound awesome with the L67. My crossflow of choice, the Flowmaster 80, doesn't sound all too good with the 90*V6 design. But I still recommend a glasspack as a resonator.

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ok, are you talking about the one from the firebird? http://www.magnaflow.com/02product/shopexd...ain&id=8088

and why the glass pack? what length glass pack are we talking about?


That muffler will sound tits with the L67.

As for the glasspack, I'd go 18", if you got the space. It gives a deeper rumble, and cuts down on the rasp bigtime. Listen to my Flowmaster 80/glasspack combo:

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yes it dose, ... is that a shocker? shes a blast to drive to

ill take pics of it in the morn so you can see... but yes its the 3800 series 2 with the s/c

(raced a grandam gt the other day, i don't think he knew i had the s/c ether way it was funny)

sorry if i sounded like a smart ass

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No, I was just thinking; Doesn't the G8 GT have the L67 in it?

im not sure but i think that the 97 up has them on the bonnie's but like in 03 or 04 they

went to the series 3 ... not sure though

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D'oh. :rolleyes:

L67 = OHV 90*V6, with M90 supercharger

L76 = OHV V8, a variant of the LS2. The six speed auto, and cylinder deactivation are the main differences from the LS2 motor.

that sounds great ... i wounder if mine will be a little quieter than that

Well, with an intake, you'll get that awesome supercharger whine, which would put a stupid smile on my face constantly.

Second, my exhaust isn't that loud at all inside. I have minimum interior drone, it's very livable day to day. Trust me, especially with a glasspack mellowing out the tone. :bacon:

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