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  1. aiden


    if u buy the "special edition bottels" there u can buy it at the plant. thats the only loop hole for that law ... when u go there u have to get it ... there is 6 differnt ones if i rember right ... i havent looked at ours for a while .
  2. tell that to my g/f ... dont drop the can
  3. ok i got a question 1st what version did u get? reason im asking is im looking at getting it to and i didnt know if the pro was worth the money or not 2nd is it ez to use or is it going to be hell to read and move though the program thanks aiden
  4. the lim hasnt been replaced, u can tell by looking thank u
  5. thanks guys and girl , ill keep yall posted on what happens
  6. its sitting at a stealership :{ and there out the ass value is 5900 or something like that and thanks about the advice on the milegae
  7. ok its time to help my g/f buy a car, she has the money and all that crap so here we go we found a 2002 grand am se 2 door with 113xxx the 3400, auto tranny, sun roof, power window and locks, the alloy rims, cruise control, the monsoon radio, great paint, and insides are all good, runs out great, just had brakes redone and some front end work done the only prob im having is the price. they want 8500 for it how low should i try to get them? i know its over priced also how good are these cars with high miles? there is one with 160xxx for 4500 any help would be great thanks
  8. 1998 GMC jimmy ( t boned a civic at 50mph all most killing the driver, he pulled out in front of me) 1996 land rover discovery sd ( tranny went out being i have a heavy foot) 1997 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI (current) pics to come later
  9. power steering over 15 mph? lol try to drive a land rover with p/s it goes one way with out strong arming it and that's straight , lost mine at 145xxx miles and it was a pain, never again my friend if mine starts acting up i fix it (if i can if not sell sell sell) XD but the lr was a small tank too. hope the vibe it good to ya and u have no problems
  10. thanks i just dont want it to sound like my roommates little ricer ( its a corrola, and i call say it to his face XD) and i got a little bit of s/c whine now ... which it just great i get my smiles while be rocketed to 60 in no time flat . for a small land boat she is fast as hell
  11. im not sure but i think that the 97 up has them on the bonnie's but like in 03 or 04 they went to the series 3 ... not sure though
  12. yes it dose, ... is that a shocker? shes a blast to drive to ill take pics of it in the morn so you can see... but yes its the 3800 series 2 with the s/c (raced a grandam gt the other day, i don't think he knew i had the s/c ether way it was funny) sorry if i sounded like a smart ass
  13. that sounds great ... i wounder if mine will be a little quieter than that
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