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Hi everybody!
I am so excited to have found this place as I am completely in love with my Pontiac and have been looking for someplace on the internet to ask questions about my beloved G8 for ages. While I know that this may not be the correct place for it could someone please point me in the direction of a place that I can hopefully get answers to the following questions.

1. I am having some issues with the exaust system, specifically the evap system. Is this a common thing and what all can be done?

2. I have seen people put touch screens and what not into the dash, how do you do stuff like that? More to the point what things can I do to enhance the performance of my car?
(think of me as a gear head in training)

I am not looking for answers to these questions in the forums below (although I wont turn them away), just some friendly direction of where the correct place to ask these questions is located.

Thanks everyone!


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Welcome to the forums!

Let's see...the G8 is having EVAP issues, which is related to the fuel system and vacuum system. Easy things, is the gas cap sealing properly? Is the check engine light on? If it is, have it read for codes and it will point you further towards the source of the issue.

As for aftermarket HUs...I'm not all too familiar with that. No audio/specialty shops by you at all?

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Welcome to FP! We have a couple G8 owners here

Also, you can post those questions in the Questions and Concerns section.

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Probably help to know if you have the V6 base G8 or the V8 GT. Welcome to the forums and if you really want more G8 specific help, check out GRRRR8.net or G8Board.com also.

As for screens in the dash, are you talking about replacing the stock radio or adding something somewhere else? Either way, it's not an easy process. The G8's HVAC is combined with the radio functions so simply upgrading the radio is much more difficult than in most cars. These radios also lack any fancy options so the odds of adding a secondary screen is also pretty slim without extensive fabrication work. I've seen a couple folks on the G8 forums add an iPad or Android tablet into their dash but the amount of work involved is well beyond the average experienced technician's capabilities. You'd have to know how to program Apple/Android apps and have the electronics expertise to wire in the HVAC portion as well.

There are a couple companies working on stock replacement pieces but so far, the cost is pretty high (around $2K+) for most of these systems. You'll most likely end up with a fully custom made system if you try to upgrade. Or just enjoy the car for what it has like I do and wait for one of these companies to start mass-producing (if this ever happens...) Now that the Chevy SS is out, many people are starting to work with their radio to see if they can convert it over to the G8's since it's very similar but with all the fancy options most people want now days.

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Welcome to FP karnak1989.

Pictures of your ride are always appreciated and go a long way to help us help you with your problem. FuriousG is correct about the radio. I think searching the G8/Holden Commodore and new Chevy SS forums will probably yield results, but it may not be cheap. I would suggest visiting your local automotive audio shop for some advice.

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