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I'm back with a WS6.


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Took the car out a few weeks ago and a truck in front of me dropped a rock while doing 70 and I couldn't get out of the way. Rock was about the size of a softball or bigger, couldn't avoid it. Heard a loud bang and car jolted hard, was able to limp it home but drove fine. Took the car out for a little spin today and find the rear end is leaking pretty bad and the car will shake like Michael J Fox is driving above 35mph. No clue what to look for. But going to see if it's a dented wheel or possible a dented drive shaft....I have no idea at this point, guess I'll know tomorrow.


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Well I just got the car back to my house. Here are the results.

Leaking rear gasket leaking and will need to be replaced (didn't need to open it up) and will be buying 4.10 gears. Thinking about going with Motive.

Oil pan gasket is leaking clear as day, still not sure when I'll about replacing that one.

Found power steering fluid ALL OVER the place. But when Brad repaired my freeze plug, he spilled a lot of fluid removing the reservoir. I'll get that all cleaned up and see if it's just from the spill, or actually leaking.

The actual problem, was easily Identified in good light. Took the passenger side wheels off again, and noticed the bend in the front wheel had gotten worse from when I put them on initially. tried to balance the wheel, and after a few turns it was obvious the wheels was bent to hell. So I'll be trying to find a shop that might be able to fix the wheel. I don't want to replace it, because it's impossible to find the OEM competition gray wheels.

So the paint correction will have to wait until winter at this point. But new wheel and gears are at the top of the list.


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Yikes, well that blows... all because of a rock, right? What's the stock gear ratio of the TA?

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Update on the lenses.

Here's the pics (black edge is tape we had on the back to keep frosting from going on the part of the lens we were sealing)...

Top one is clear, bottom is frosted, pay attention to the visibility of the table line...


Mountain Dew bottle to show the difference in opaqueness...






Hard to tell in pics but in person it came out perfect! Looks like the original photoshop...
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While some final decisions are made and parts are arriving to fix Lana, I decided to take care of the truck. Saw a thread of a guy that took a clay bar to his brand new ram and he got a ton of crap off the truck. So I decided to clay bar the truck and give it a good wax and wash. Here are the end results. Still learning the tricks of the the whole paint care thing. As soon as I parked, the sun came out in force. So obviously, the pictures don't do it justice.


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Very easy to clay bar. Just make sure you have a latex glove and clean microfiber towels handy. Makes your paint feel very smooth. It's worth the extra time it takes.

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Your arm will get tired, but so worth it in the end. Just make sure you use enough of the spray.

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One day, I hope my car has the balls to do this.


Even if my does, I wouldn't have the balls lol

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Was suppose to be delivered today, but wasn't here to sign for it. My girlfriend will be here tomorrow to sign for them. I bought leds for them, put them in this weekend and it was a disaster. When I turned the headlights on to test them, they started smoking and fried. So I'm not sure how the hell that happened, but I was pretty pissed off.

Hope to get spare tails in next week and have them in within the next 2 weeks.

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Only fried the bulbs. I'm not sure if they need some sort of resistor or not. I won't be able to install mine for a few more weeks. So I'll let others figure it out. The tails came in, and it's a love hate sort of thing. I see a lot of residue all over the tail lights and the honey comb has some rips and chips in it. The more I look at it, the more it bothers me. But I can't be too upset as these are done by hand though. The only major issue is that around the reverse light, the vinyl is already starting to pull away from the lense. I don't want it to get worse as time goes on.


Here you can see the vinyl bubbling.


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For hand built, i would have to say the comb lights look very sexy. I don't think anyone will notice the bubble unless you point it out.

to bad about the less, wish they would have worked, would've loved to see them installed. I don't believe you need a resistor for them, but not knowing the voltage not sure.

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