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I spy with my little eye the Pontiac G6 GXP sedan concept. ;)


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It is a magical place. I have been fortunate to have been inside the GM Heritage Center three times now. This building is actually one of 17 warehouses through out the Detroit area that houses the collection. This facility is used to host special internal or external GM events. So certain cars are often rotated in and out to go to car shows and concurs around the country. You will see concept cars, first production cars, last production cars, pace cars, awards. neon signs, engines, and even an actual Futureliner display.

The GM Heritage center is not open to the public. It is by invitation only (sadly). GM will make the facility available to car clubs and other charities from time to time. It can be rented but it is not cheap !

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I see where the AIT kit cloned it's look from now.

Yup! Would have greatly had that instead of the buck teeth GXP design but guess that's in the past now :lol:

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Yup! Would have greatly had that instead of the buck teeth GXP design but guess that's in the past now :lol:

Oh, we're all aware of GM shooting themselves in the foot with either not making potentially great models or wrecking them in production.

*coughcough*grand am sc/t*coughcough*

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Let's not forget about the 1999 Concept GTO. It didn't even have an engine. It was just a pretty shell.


Is the pic backwards...or is it a rt/hand driver?

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The picture source I grabbed this from could well be backwards for all I know. I was looking for an outdoor shot.

What the Concept GTO appealed to me was:

1. the classic coke bottle shape was there

2. classic Pontiac split grill

3. something resembling the old hood tach

4. split air intakes like on the 69-72 GTOs

5. vintage looking rear tailights (can't tell from this particular picture)

6. modern update to the snowflake rim design

7. aggressive wheel wells for large tires

8. Carousel red paint - needed some Judge stripes perhaps?

I felt this was a good design since it would appeal to the aging baby boomers with all the points I mention above plus it is still be edgy enough for the Gen-X and Gen-Y crowd too. LS1 power would have been expected. I truly believe GM (once more) didn't know what they had in this design. For this to have never turned into even a driving prototype is still unfathomable to me.

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  • 1 month later...

I agree- Bein' an aging baby boomer meself I see there's a couple of uglies on it but I like the overall effect- the sculpted rear wheel forequarter reminds me of my ''73 Cutlass.. I'd knock off them silly chrome whiskers I tink.. But the hunny comb wheels are definitely Ponnyak!

Dang. If GM hadn't 'a wimped out over a little debt..

Any chance the Camaro design crew was peekin' thru a knot hole in the fence?

And also now I see the Camaro taillight ugly got smeared all over the C7 vette as well...

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