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  1. As of now we see that the work of finding them is going on; Our hearts go out to the victims of this horrendous thing.. That these kind of people give themselves permission to do this is beyond evil. We happen to have a small contingent of that family here in Canada too. Oh, joy.
  2. Makes me wish I'd bought my neighbour's ol' GP SJ when she sold it back in bout '92. It had that 455.. Nice, nice work!
  3. Oh yeah. The Quad 4.. Which they borrowed from Oldses.. Which they borrowed from Chevy Vegas? But what's wrong with Teal? ;-) Cute ad fer sure..Gives me an idea.. Our friend has an old '74 Toyota Corona coupe to sell. It has an armrest in the rear seat. And fuzzy seatcovers. ew.
  4. I agree- Bein' an aging baby boomer meself I see there's a couple of uglies on it but I like the overall effect- the sculpted rear wheel forequarter reminds me of my ''73 Cutlass.. I'd knock off them silly chrome whiskers I tink.. But the hunny comb wheels are definitely Ponnyak! Dang. If GM hadn't 'a wimped out over a little debt.. Any chance the Camaro design crew was peekin' thru a knot hole in the fence? And also now I see the Camaro taillight ugly got smeared all over the C7 vette as well...
  5. Oooookayyyyyyy.... Welcome! I'm a W-body fan too- it's been a tossup whether the old Pontiacs, Oldses or Buicks wind my watch.. I guess it depends which one pops into view at the time, mostly.. Also nuts about old Caddies too, come to think of it.. I....think...I .....need.....help.... ;-)
  6. Ok, just caught up with this topic.. Hey young gun, you da proverbial kid in the candy store.. Like me when it's time to buy a car! oh, mileage.. on the '02 SE about 105000ish. Was a creampuff with 10000 in Sept '03 when I bought 'er.
  7. Welcome to the forum, Bruce! I still have a pinup of the '87 Bonne on my shop cupboard door.. Sad to see so many of them at the autowreckers these days.. Saw a complete '02 SSE a month ago- all there. And me without my Visa.. Guys- have fun at the Autorama Shoo!
  8. Welcome, man! To see not only a great job on the car, but a real bonus to get an edumacashun on E85 and performance to boot!
  9. Yeah. Welcome! I always thought GA's look their best in red..
  10. Yeah... good on ya bein' from Red Deer, G8! In fact, that's where I landed from the East (Sask.) in '65. Workin' at RDM as a parts kid.. in the old shop downtown. I think it's a fancy restaurant now.. Neighbour of mine had a G8 GXP. For some silly reason traded it for a Terrain.
  11. Yeah. Unsplit grill kinda threw me.. Cool colour! Welcome to the FP bunch!
  12. Hey welcome, Joe! I like the unrusty look of your car. We don't get that up here due to salt roads, freeze-thaw cycles in winter- it does in most car sheet metal. The wheels are similar to the rallies and rings on my '73 Cutlass S coupe (another shoulda-kept-er story) I had BFG T/A's on 'em.
  13. My latest one is the '02 Grand Prix SE sedan (pic posted yest). Got it a model yr old in '03. A cream puff with 10000 miles (16000 Km) on it. Paid prime $$ because of the low mileage and mint condition.. I loved the way it handled, even tho I expect GT's and GTP's have better. It has the 3.1 v6, but has pretty good juice, and gives 30+ at highway speed. Can haul a good payload too- big trunk! It's stayed reliable for us.. I hanker for a GTP coupe though- wouldn't mind scorin' another cream puff as a keeper. My first Pont was a '54 in '64. Was modified by the previous owner- he cut a hole
  14. It's kinda quiet. 2013 already. I'm sure there are still AB peeps -right around that there snowbank!! I crashed the Iron Indians Club car show last August. Some good stuff here in AB! yep. regards, I wanna old ponnyak!
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