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  1. Woops. Sorry, I do apologize, Was thinking this was something else... =P
  2. Well, I might as well put in my 1980 Pontiac Trans Am Turbo. It's not the greatest picture of it, but I'm a bit away from home now and it's the best picture I got, here we go:
  3. I guess I can throw in my new Grand Am GT... =)
  4. Awesome G8! Love that you kept the Pontiac logo in the center of the rims.. Always love that! =)
  5. Ahh I see. Was thinking along the lines of that.. but wasn't quite sure.. lol Thanks! And yes, red and black are my favourite colours for GAs... Or my favourite is a red car with black features.. such as the black trimming it came with... =)
  6. I turned 16 and my parents were looking for a car to buy me. At the time I was still far into technology and didn't give much about cars. They were just a means to get from one place to another. However earlier in my life I was more into cars, as my dad has had a 80 Trans Am Turbo, so I grew up with Pontiac being the sports car brand. So one day my parents found a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am SE sedan and we got it. I eventually fell in love with it. A couple of months ago I hit some bad luck and ended up in an accident with that car and it was totalled. It made me quite sad... So back to looking again. I really wanted something with a Manual Transmission, as driving automatic is just... kinda.. bleh to me, but after finding a few nice GA GTs on Craigslist for pretty cheap, I decided on this $1,700 red GA GT coupe with 240,000 miles, and now I absolutely love this one. Hopefully she shall last me for a bit... =)
  7. Why thanks! Kinda do it for fun now, but im going to school for graphics design.. so yeap =) Thanks! And say what?
  8. Thanks for the welcomes! =) And indeed, I have a picture of my GA GT here, all photoshopped and filtered and such... =)
  9. My 2000 Grand Am GT's name is Rosso. Which is Italian for Red of course... super creative... I know...
  10. Hello! I am DJ, or better known on the internet as VazDrae. I've been a member here for several months now, however I just never got around to posting on here.. Until now! So about me, I live in south central Wisconsin right now, Milwaukee soon, and I've always been around Pontiacs. My dad bought a 1980 Pontiac Trans Am Turbo in the late 80s/early 90s (can't quite remember), So I was around it quite a bit when i was growing up, my dad gave us rides.. it was great. To me Pontiac was always the brand that sold cool performance cars. When I turned 16 my parents bought me my first car, a Galaxy Silver 2002 Pontiac Grand Am SE sedan. I know the GAs are no performance car, but for what they are, there styling is beautiful inside and out. I loved that car, however in December of 2012 I hit some bad luck... I was driving down a slope and the back tire hit the snow just right that the traction gave out and it slid, and slid towards the left where it just dropped of. The car flipped at an angle and I landed on my wheels un-injured with the car still running. My old SE was totalled. It still will start and drive, however it's not to pretty on the outside... So I got myself my second car, a red 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT coupé! I absolutely love my new GA and hope it see it running for quite a while.
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