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87's Garage

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Alrite, I figured since I haven't posted much on this forum and add to it that the GTP is in storage for winter so no updates, I thought I'd create this thread, a show-and-tell if you will. Basically me, my cars, and other stuff.
Alrite so I start this story with my first vehicle. For my graduation gift my parents bought me a 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition. It was fully loaded with every option except a sunroof(my favorite option). How you see it in the pic below is how I bought it: 20" Bigg rims, and a faux scoop. Never had any problems with it except once, the starter relay went on it so my dad hotwired it and brought it into a shop. We bought it at an estate auction in May 09 with around 74k on it for much less than what it was worth(benefits of auctions). After more than a year I got bored with it and sold it in Aug 10. Bought for $6600, sold for $7500.
I used the money from the Expo to buy my next vehicle. I wanted something stick, so that in the spring I could buy a really nice sports car. I figured I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone and buy a WRX for both the winter and summer. I bought this in Sept 10. It was a 2002 Subaru WRX. It was completely stock when I bought it, but it needed a cat and the exhaust redone, so I had a STi exhaust put on. It sounded amazing. Only 1 problem, I suck at driving stick. My dad had a lot vehicle when I was younger, a 87 Wrangler w/ a 350 in it that I learned to drive stick in. Man that thing never stalled. I literally took my foot completely off the clutch and then accelerate. So now I can't get used to driving this WRX. I would stall every time I drove it. I became frustrated and decided I'd sell it before I grenaded the tranny or clutch. I had to wait for the title from the DMV, so while I waited I went car shopping again. Bought for $6800, sold for $6800.
I really wanted a Bonneville GXP, but couldn't find any around my area. So I looked for GTP's. I called on probably 10 of them, and one called me back. I didn't even remember calling him, but he told me it only had 62k on it. I went and looked at it and was blown away by how clean it was, exterior, interior and engine bay. The guy had never driven it in a NY winter. And one of the best parts, it had a SUNROOF! WOOO! It needed brakes, but for the money I couldn't go wrong. I bought it and brought it home. It's a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Special Edition. Having a turbo and a supercharger at the same time was awesome. Bought for $5500. Day I bought it:
I hated the rims that it came with stock, so I looked around and bought a set of 18" Metal FX rims.
As you can see the tires were too small, but they were no good anyways. I bought a set of Hankook Ventus V12 245/45R18.
The above pics are from a day long photoshoot I did with my friend. There are way more pics but I don't want to overdue it. Next, the VAN!!! Ok, so my van...It's a 1969 Ford E100 Club Wagon Chateau. My great uncle bought the van brand new in 69. From the moment he bought it to the time of his death, he kept and recorded everything for this van. I even have the original car invoice from the dealer, brochures and letters to Ford from my uncle. He kept notes on it as well. For instance, in 1987 the van had 84k on it. It currently has 86k on it. My uncle was weird though, he went out and bought doubles for everything on the van. I got all the parts with the van when I bought it. I actually filled the entire back half of the van with parts. Tail lights, weather striping, another set of rims, another gas tank, the original radiator, floor mats, tons of oil filters, mirrors etc. When he died he willed everything to his sister, my great aunt. It sat for a year until I decided to buy it from the estate. She sold it to me for $2000. It needed an idler arm bushing from sitting for 20 years, and a rubber gasket in the carb (forgot the name). I found a replacement for the rubber gasket for the carb sitting on the work bench next to the van. Had both of them fixed, washed it, and brought it to the All-Ford Show. I got 2nd in my class. It does have a dent in the corner though from my uncle backing into a railing at his house. I'll get that fixed in the spring. He also had the bottom half re-painted in a different shade of blue. It wraps around the front and up onto the roof. The original blue is in the center: 1969 Ford Brittany Blue. I bought it in May 2011, which I just realized was exactly 1 year and a day after when I bought my Expedition. Pic!
I didn't want to drive my GTP in the winter again like last year, so I decided I'd buy a cheap winter rat. I either wanted a FWD with a handbrake for snow drifting or a 4wd. I found a early 2000's Subaru Forester with 3x,xxx miles and a 1992 GMC Jimmy SLE with 32k on it. Both were about the same price. I called multiple times on both, but with no answers. The guy with the Jimmy finally called me back and I went and saw it. I liked, so I bought it for $2850. I called the original/previous owner and verified the mileage. I bought this in July. I stored it until the GTP went into storage for winter and I brought this out. It runs ok, idle is a little high and sometimes theres an issue with the fuel, but it's running so that's all I care about. I really can't wait to get the GTP out though. The GMC has the Vortec 4.3 V6, best engine you could get in the Jimmy in 92(except for the turboed Typhoon). I was really disappointed we didn't get a lot of snow this year, that's the whole reason I bought this thing!
Now my dad's cars, I'll keep it simple. The first is a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS396. It's auto, so I can drive it! Yea! The other is a 1938 Chevy Deluxe. I think it has around 26hp lol.
Questions, comments, concerns?

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Havoc- O I do rock the shit outta it lol

Killer- thanks for the Jimmy, but that pic is at a funny angle. The interior is mint, but the rockers are rusty, but not as bad as most s10's, blazers, sonomas and jimmy's around here. And usually the tailgate is rusted out, mines mint.

I gotta get interior pics of everything. The van is crazy mint, I love my GTP interior, and the 38 is all original(the back seat is the most comfortable seat ever, but it smells like my grandma's). The chevelle's is red, but my dad is planning on doing it black.

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  • 1 month later...

Minor update: I added a new "vehicle" to my collection. Bought it on my birthday for no good reason, and called it a present for myself. Pics:



1979 Honda Express II. 50cc, top speed is 25mph. I'll ride it to work, but I can't really ride it anywheres else because I don't plan on registering it or insurance or any of that crap. Not sure if I need a motorcycle permit, since it's 50cc or above.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sold the Jimmy to my little brother. I'll still drive it til Saturday when the GTP comes back out. Woohoo! I'll get another winter rat in the fall, I'm thinking Intrepid...

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What year Intrepid? I had a 95 base sedan, with the 3.3L pushrod V6. Wasn't a speed demon, but a torquey bugger and damn it was tough.

I'm not fond of 2nd gens, too quirky, the most reliable Intrepids were 1st gen 3.3L V6 powered ones like mine. Stupid easy to work on, everything accessible under the hood, the battery isn't in the wheelwell, HUGE inside, and very nice on gas when they're running good. I averaged 26-28mpgs with mine, a tank usually lasted 310-330 miles.

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I was thinking a 2nd gen actually :P

Idk why but I like em. But no way would I ever get the 2.7. Probably wouldn't even settle for the 3.2, just go for 3.5. Oh and it's gotta be black and I'll throw black steelies on it. Got from now til November to find one. No rush, I'll just be keeping an eye out for one

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Yea I just looked up a pic of the engine bay of a 1st gen compared to a 2nd gen. A lot more room, but the look of the car is what I'm judging. I like the look of the 2nd gen over the 1st, and I already have function over form in my GTP, now I want form over function. Yea I know, some stuff I do doesn't make sense :lol2:

Oh and I don't work on my cars, so the mechanic will just have to suffer with the tight squeeze :lol2:

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I'm just trying to save you from being nickel and dimed to death, which second gens seem to love to do, especially in the suspension department.

Plus, get a 95 like my old one...no emissions!

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It's fine. I'm good with suggestions. Possibilities:

2nd Gen Intrepid (has to be black)

5th Gen Grand Am (has to be black)

9th or 10th Gen Bonneville (ssei would be cool in any color, if not, black or silver)

5th Gen Grand Prix coupe

1992-1995 cutlass supreme

5th gen maxima

infiniti i30/i35

and a 1st gen intrepid for chaos

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So I was supposed to go to empire dragway in 4 hours, and now I can't find the registration for the GTP. I just took the GTP out of storage Saturday morning. When I stored it I think I took the registration out of it just in case someone broke in and stole the car. Even if I don't need the registration to race, I still need it to drive legally on the road. I have the sticker on the windshield, but it expires in 2013. I'm so mad right now, but at the same time exhausted. I've planning on going since Oct. Man...

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Uh oh, my brother just got his first vehicle (Jimmy doesn't count since he's selling it just to make a profit)


And just for fun:


Yea we know the front tire is low, he's gotta replace the front rim

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