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the Loon

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Hey everybody!

My real name is Sam, but online and on The Bandit Run I am the Loon :)

Any way, love the site.... probably end up here more than Facecrack.

My current ride (# 8 of the Firebirds I've owned) is a 1996 Firebird Formula WS6 1LE.

I'll try and get some pics up soon.


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Very clean and nice looking WS6 you got there ;)

Welcome Sam and nice to meet ya. Great lookin bird ya got there.


thanks!! I am getting know my way around here and will be checking out some of the awesome Pontiacs on this site.... this site is gonna get me fired! :rofl:

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' timestamp='1329500195' post='66943']

Clean F-body. Ditch the ricey tail covers and you're good.

Welcome to Forever Pontiac!

Thanks! it's shown with and without the "ricey" tail light covers... I do prefer it without. Unfortunately my taillights split open across the top edge and I haven't located suitable replacements yet. I put the covers on for longer trips to keep water out... for now

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Nice fbody! Welcome to FP, it is an addiction that some of have come to love.

It's good to see people are still joining more and more. I guess the owner (Ringo64) is doing something right, haha

Sent from my mind using telekinesis.

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Ha! They aren't rice, they serve a function! Looooophoooollleeesss :)

honestly I didn't know they were 'rice' ... but then I don't keep up much with what that crowd is doing :P

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well I'll have to get the low down on the 'rice' sometime.... it's just so hard to hear them over the sound of my SB V8 ... or even see them through all the tire smoke. Although their neon light kits help keep me from running them over! :D

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Oy...I've de-riced the Grand Ma GT for the most part. The only decals are the big RIP memorial decal on the back for my buddy Sal, the trollface on the other side of the back window, and my club banner, but it's flat black. You don't see it until up close. The LED tails are gone, and the clear corners go bye bye this month.

Also: rice is form over function. Rice is anything added to a car that does not affect its performance. Any car can be rice.

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