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Sam Lewis

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  1. Sam Lewis

    Hi From North-east Ohio

    welcome aboard... just got here myself!
  2. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

    well I'll have to get the low down on the 'rice' sometime.... it's just so hard to hear them over the sound of my SB V8 ... or even see them through all the tire smoke. Although their neon light kits help keep me from running them over!
  3. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

    honestly I didn't know they were 'rice' ... but then I don't keep up much with what that crowd is doing
  4. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

    thank you! Great site, love it
  5. Sam Lewis

    playing in my Formula

    Yes there is .... http://exposureroom.com/6e8f028283db4495bfec013ef59a3bf4
  6. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

    Thanks! it's shown with and without the "ricey" tail light covers... I do prefer it without. Unfortunately my taillights split open across the top edge and I haven't located suitable replacements yet. I put the covers on for longer trips to keep water out... for now
  7. Sam Lewis

    My Project GTO

    checked the Facebook album. Nice job! Lots of work and looks good
  8. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

    thanks!! I am getting know my way around here and will be checking out some of the awesome Pontiacs on this site.... this site is gonna get me fired!
  9. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

    thanks!! it's mostly stock with minor mods being : K&N, window tint, Flowmaster + tips, hood and door decals, shifter knob
  10. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

  11. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

  12. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

  13. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

  14. Sam Lewis

    the Loon

    Hey everybody! My real name is Sam, but online and on The Bandit Run I am the Loon Any way, love the site.... probably end up here more than Facecrack. My current ride (# 8 of the Firebirds I've owned) is a 1996 Firebird Formula WS6 1LE. I'll try and get some pics up soon. Loon
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