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Anti-Modified Car Signage At Movie Theater Sparks Outrage


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Heres the link


As if it hasn't been bad enough for modified car owners over the past few years, now tuners have a new threat altogether. First there was increased police harassment, then tougher emissions laws and even full cancellation of insurance for any car that wasn't left as when rolled off the dealer floor. But now we have truly seen it all!

We received word from our tipsters that a private establishment has now banned modified cars from parking on their property. That's right, a movie theatre chain called Edwards Cinemas (owned by Regal Cinemas) has posted these signs at at least one of their Southern California locations and car enthusiasts everywhere have erupted. The signage was posted on Facebook and the comments section was quickly set ablaze with fired up gearheads opposing the anti-modified car policy.

Posters were suggesting all sort of tactics to counter the new policy ranging from vandalism to outright boycotting of the chain. While we don't condone any of the illegal behavior, this is discrimination and should be treated as such. The possible scenario that some pimple-face $12/hr night manager might have final say in dragging away your slammed vehicle, possibly damaging it and costing you big money to recover it from impound is totally unacceptable. We wonder how these "experts" will judge Harleys, Hotrods or even factory modified cars like say a BMW 335i with BMW Performance upgrades direct from the dealer.

But this is the anti-modified car era we live in and talk about messed up priorities where Edwards Theatres didn't have a sign to turn away felons or registered sex offenders before this one. Click past the jump for a list of theatres your modified car may not still be parked where you left it when you come out of the movie.

Edwards Cerritos Stadium 10

12761 Towne Center Dr, Cerritos, CA

Cerritos Towne Center Shopping Center

(562) 403-1147

Edwards Westminster 10

6721 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA

Westminster Center

(714) 379-1185

Edwards South Gate Stadium 20 & IMAX

8630 Garfield Ave, South Gate, CA

South Gate Towne Center Shopping Center

(562) 927-4432

Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26 & IMAX

Edwards 26 Cinema Long Beach Towne Center

7501 E Carson St, Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Towne Center

(562) 429-3321

Edwards Brea Stadium West 10

Edwards Cinema at the Birch Street Promenade

155 West Birch Street, Brea, CA

Brea Downtown

(714) 672-4136

Edwards Metro Pointe Stadium 12

901 S Coast Dr, Costa Mesa, CA

Metro Pointe Business Center

(714) 428-0962 ‎

Edwards Alhambra Renaissance

1 East Main Street, Alhambra, CA

(626) 300-8312 ‎

Edwards El Monte 8

10661 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA

(626) 580-7694

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I remember seeing the pic of that sign float around on Facebook. I lol'd.

I would love to see if they have some sort of check-list of how to spot modded cars. And second, what's wrong with a lowered car? Exhaust, I could maybe see an issue...but lowered cars? Stupid.

What about a car like mine?


*aftermarket headlights

*aftermarket tail lights

*aftermarket wheels

*window tint

Yup, I'm a potential menace to a movie theater parking lot.

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  • Founders

Only thing I could see is in the past people have had meets there and were unruly or something of that sort. People are just stupid and to say that modified cars are to be towed for just parking is just plain retarded.

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So I feel like a moron when looking at this now... I see that the comments at the bottom of the page are old and that the signs were up in the 90s and that it's old news lol

New to me though.

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Oh my. Oh well, thats there loss for business then. Although I do have to say, a lot of people do give decent gear heads a bad name with their immaturity and such. It only takes one person to ruin it for the rest.

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