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Been a long time


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I bought my 'Bird in 2005.... it's hard to believe i've been messing with it for that long, and have taken it from bone stock, to where it is now..... but it's fun to look at pictures as it progressed

Dec. 2005, first day home.




you can see my first sunbird in the pictures. that you can't see is the whole passenger side where it's caved in :lol2: smashed while it was parked.



Summer 2006, added a Z kit from an 89Z my buddy parted out



BASH 2006

once a year i get'r really nice and cleaned up, and here's what i end up with. after the z kit but before the bash rolled around i lowered it. Sprint springs + KYB GR2 shocks/struts, poly sway bar/end links/control arm bushings. addco rear bar came in spring of '07.




more soon....

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headers and slicks coming with taxes

32" equal length primaries

24.5/8-14 slicks

ran a 13.75 borrowing the slicks form my buddy(only time at the track with them), buying them and his headers, shooting for 12's N/A

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headers and slicks coming with taxes

32" equal length primaries

24.5/8-14 slicks

ran a 13.75 borrowing the slicks form my buddy(only time at the track with them), buying them and his headers, shooting for 12's N/A

Stellar. God, I wish N-bodies weren't so damn heavy.

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decided it's just easier to get pics from each bash. btw best time with the original 3.1 was 15.99

2007: changed a few things. had my 3400 swap done, bone stock internals, dyno'd 191hp 202lb/ft. Best track time with the stock 3400 was 14.8. never had very good traction. broke an axle once on drag radials. Went from the sunbird spoiler, to a cavalier Z spoiler, and finally to a Beretta GTU spoiler. i've stuck with the GTU one since, i love it.




^Locked my keys in my car LOL

2008: changed again. added the cam, some port work, etc to the 3400. got my 17's and some alright tires. forgot to mention i added the flip-up headlights in '07. best time on the cammed 3400 was a 14.5. with 224whp i should have been much lower but i never had traction, again. broke another axle on drag radials with this motor. it blew in feb. '09, spun a rod bearing. had 100k+ on the bottom end, 15k of which was me, so oh well.



i swear it's not an autozone advertisement, even though it looks that way




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2009: blew the cammed 3400 in feb, so i ripped it out, and picked up a 3500 from an '06 G6. 210hp stock. added port work, my old cam(machine shop said it was still fine so i used it), custom pushrods, a pair of 3500 front manifolds, a new stage 3 clutch, and some other misc. junk. didn't get to dyno it last year at the bash because just as i was pulling up to the rollers, the power went out, and was out for the rest of the day.

and it's how it sits now, other than snow tires for winter. rust gets a little worse every year, i'm gonna have to blast the bottoms of the doors and try to slow it down this year. it also needs some little stuff, new strut mounts, redo the poly motor mounts, new radiator, little junk. once i install the headers i should be in the low 13's easy, shooting for those high 12's if i can drive it good enough. i'd be the first N/A 2nd gen in the 12's, so i'm really, really gunning for it. my good friend Dave has/had a 91Z that did 13.0's, but never hit that 12.99 mark, so i'll take over from there.

'09 pics:


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actually that was me saying neat. i recorded a few of those so my firend could have a spin in the car. and i said it because sometimes i spaz out and forget i'm recording LOL

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