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Red97GPGT - Progression

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Well, I figured since my car was up and running again, I'd start an actual progression!

This is the day I brought her home! This is acutally my first brightly colored car, my previous ones being midnight blue and black!


Rolling shot on the way home from the dealer.


3800 baby. Not that wheezy 3100 i was used to!


Swapping the projectors from my SE into my GT



Projectors installed w/55w 6k DDM's


Nighttime output (while driving) ya...i know bad camera work!


First few coats of nightshades!



And as of friday night - the finished tinted/cleared lights



Ill get pictarz of them on the car when it stops freaking raining.

annnnd 55w 6k/ddm HID's in my fogs.



oh and heres WTF cat again.


Enjoy, discuss - and know I've got all my mods planned out :)

Pics of the tail's installed in the sunshine :)


More stuff!


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Nice! Good job on the tails!

I'm with you on the bright car thing, I've owned a dark blue Monte and now my black G6 but I don't think red will be in my future lol. I'd admire and like red but there's something about it that I would never own.

Clean up your car! :agreed: That's why the cats there :lol:

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the bounce like a mofo though, hence the white weather stripping around them, cmessick and I are going to try and make a solution that uses the stock mounting bracket. Out put is freaking great though.

(55w 6k ddm H3's)

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Now with shiny black tails!



:dancingpontiac: The sun poked its head out before the rain - so as promised, the nice tinted installed photo.

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ok, ya. i guess that would be an issue. but the tail lights look good. nice and dark! :bacon:

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besides, i still need to replace a UIM and the LIM gasket. thats absolutely priority.

then adding a 68MM Ported/Polished TB from zzp.

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great looking car and nice progression, keep it up! :bacon:


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This is probably one of the most expensive times to get tint but meh you might be able to find a good deal :bacon: . Winter is probably the best time to get tint because nobody is thinking about getting it done and the businesses are hurting.

Anywho the GP is looking great, very nice!

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I have a friend who has a friend in the biz. lol

reminds me of a Jimmy Buffett song...... "Everybody's Got A Cousin In Miami "

"Hey Jimmy, you know anybody in Miami that can get me a passport

real quick?"

"Oh yeah, yeah man. I've got a cousin up there. He knows

everthing about everything. Let's see if I've got his number

here somewhere, yeah. No, he works out of a payphone...oh yeah.

I've got it here. Okay. Today's international investor,

whatever that is. Yeah, everybody's got a cousin in Miami. Here

we go."

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White foam around headlights... GONE - Achieved using 2 6 inch lengths of 1" heater hose under the bumper cover to steady them and eliminate a gap issue.



Painted the Calipers today aswell!

Car is ready to head for orbit....





And blacked out the dart on the front end.



Will have some full on daytime photos tomorrow as..well we ran out of daylight today :D

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