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I like the rims but not to crazy about the white arrows on them. too bad there not all black.

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XXR has better wheels to choose from, I'm very fond on the XXR 006's, the black face ones with a deep dish red lip would be tits on the Vibe:


Those Hankooks, meh. The rubber compound is too hard, they're none too good in the rain either.

I suggest what I have on my ROH's: General Exclaim UHP's. AMAZING tire for the money. Excellent rain and dry traction, with good tread life (My Generals currently have 36K on them, and I kept up with 7K rotations, and my alignment is in check, and there's 4/32nds of tread left.)


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Not loving the rims either of them. Hankooks are decent tires. I have them as winters on my Vibe. Generals are suppose to be good but I have no experience with them. As for the RSA's you could do better widdling them out of a chunk of maple and putting them on your car. Mine lasted 24000 miles before I junked em.

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I like the rims but not to crazy about the white arrows on them. too bad there not all black.

That pic doesn't show it properly, it's actually polished metal under the clearcoat.

My friend has the V4's on his 93 Civic which he drives balls to the wall ,and has nothing but good things to say about them... Plus as they say, the price was right!!!

My RS-A's got almose 40000kms on them before they got kicked to the giant tire fire in the sky...

I traded my old 2005 Sunfire (which I re-aquired) straight across for them. It needed much work. Windshield, coolant, brakes, fuel pump, clutch, tires, front end paint... it had been abused by my roommate whom I sold it to... He decided that he wanted to move to Toronto :willy_nilly: and still owed me $$$ for the car so I told him to just gift it to me and we'd call it square. So that left me with an uninsured car taking up an extra spot in the parking lot and the strata on my ass to do something with it or pay $$$ to rent an extra spot and not have it towed...

So who do you know that would want to buy a 2 door 200000km base model car that needs tons of maint. with no A/C??? $3000 for sale sign & castanet/kijiji ads got me 0 calls as did $2500...

When I got my winter tires put on The Vibe I asked the owner of the shop what he thought about doing a trade, car for tires/rims. He said ok but wanted to see the car first so my buddy who works there grabbed the D plate and drove it to work a few days later. I met up with his boss a little later that day and we signed the paperwork!!!

I suppose I could have spent some $$$, done all the work to it myself, sold it easier and came out exactly the same $$$ as where I am now as I needed needed summer tires for the Vibe anyways. The new rims and tires were quoted to me at $1670.XX installed and out the door. (good old 12% tax)

It was a good car, never gave me any trouble, never had to take it into the dealer for anything. Took me to Cali and Vegas several times as well as numerous other roadtrips!!!

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Well the tires will be mounted and balanced wednesdayish and hopefully be arranged nicely in my hall closet later that day!!!

And on a side note, the shop sold the Sunfire for $2600. Windshield, fuel pump, and front brakes were replaced and some better used tires put on. Coolant was apparently still good (and still original from the factory :bacon: ). They didn't replace the clutch, IDK but it sure didn't feel right when I drove it that day. I'm told after all costs considered, they made $500 on the sale! Good luck to the new owner!!!

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The generals were about $150 a tire vs the $120 for the hankooks (if I remember correctly) and as the deal was done on trade there was only so much barganing room. The V4's will do just fine for the Vibe or at any rate, they'll kick the hell out of the RS-As!!!

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