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What was your very first Antique Vintage car. When the old car bug began.


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It had to start somewhere and with that very first antique vintage car. What car that you bought or was given to you, started the long old car journey in your life.  For me it was a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan that I bought as a very young punk teen. I was very green and bought this 56 with my heart because I already loved 56 Chevy's and 55 56 57 Chevy's in general. The 56 was way over my head even though the 56 was all there and it ran great. Being so green and thinking with my heart, I did not know how badly rusted the car was. As a very young punk teen I could not afford to properly repair the 56, so I sold it about a year after I bought it. This was the car that started the life long addiction for me . Share your very first antique vintage car with the Forever Pontiac brotherhood. Share the story and even better with photos. Cheers.





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  • 4 weeks later...

No one else has thoughts on their very first "Old Car". The vintage car that started the whole journey.  Cheers.

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5 hours ago, Frosty said:

I'm not sure where to start this. My first "vintage" or antique car would be my '72 Lemans Sport convertible (Lucy) that I got back in 1995 and I've owned ever since.

However, the 'car bug' hit me after my first car, which was my late grandmother's '71 Vega. I was reading Popular Hot Rodding when I was teenager and young man in my 20s. So I was aware of the potential of a V8 swap. I actually kept that car until the mid-80s when during a time of low funds and a bit of personal depression I sold it. I still regret selling it. I never did get the V8 in it either.

My next antique I purchased brand new in November '85. It is my '86 Trans Am, Black Beauty. I am the original and sole owner. It only has 42,000 miles on it. I just got it back out of a decade long cold storage. I hope to take it out on Hot Rod Power Tour this summer.

My final antique is my parent's last brand new car, a 1994 Buick Roadmaster Limited (the Roadmonster). It is the last of the land yachts with an LT-1 350 that will get out of it's own shadow and it's fully loaded.

Thought you told me once, you had a 73 Lemans too?  Seem to remember a pic of a 2 tone.

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I did. It was the car I purchased with my high school graduation money in 1978. I first looked at a '73 GTO with a 455 and a 3-speed. I mistakenly passed on it and ended up with the Lemans Sport Coupe instead. I sold the Lemans about 4 years later. A bought an '80 Buick Regal after that. It definitely put me on a path to hot rodding for sure. But I never kept it as long as most of my other cars since it. I've owned GMC S-15 Jimmys longer than I owned my first Lemans.

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So I  drove it for 2 years before selling it to buy a mk 3 cortina off a car yard !! 

The cortina was full of rust , that had been bogged over and painted bright orange !! I got ripped off, so I cut all the rust out stuck a 2 litre pinto engine in it and sold it to get my very first 56 Chev... a nz assembled, Canadian built four door Belair ... it had a 283 out of some later model ( as it had side mounts in the block ) and a four speed on the floor 

by now I was 18 ... I completely rebuilt the car with a hot 327 and glide ... I remember always breaking spider gears .... don’t know why !!! Hahaha :rofl:. Dame weak ten bolts !!! 

and missing my gate way as I was going to fast and the drum brakes would fade so bad it justA would not stop !!! :rofl:

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