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So... This is my sticker that i have on the back of my car but i added the "ForeverPontiac.com" to the bottom

I figured that i was going to drum up some opinions of this sticker before i had it mass produced.

there is a company in town that can make them but i am open to any other vendors that are on the web or around of your places...

What do you think of the sticker?

it will just be the White Lettering. Pay no attention to the black. i made it in PAINT and we all know how good that is for editing.

well here it is. it will roughly be 4 3/8 (because of the dart height) by 13 1/4 in length


What do you think?

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A couple things on it, the "ForeverPontiac.com" text I'm gonna have to say changed to our Pontiac like font we use in our graphics. That's about all for the graphic. I can provide it if you want me to or I can edit it in if you want me to ;)

Just want to make you aware, I don't want to sound mean but if you are looking to sell these with the FP name on it you either have to sell them for face value (aka no mark-up) or contribute all the mark-up to the site. This is due to we don't want any competition between our stickers and this one, which I hope is understandable.

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I would really appreciate it if you put in the correct font. like i said this was just the idea.

Hell if we can get them made cheap enough by someone that you all know (ringo, joe, anyone) please let me know. lets make them. i wanted to sell them and (for instance) lets say they cost 6 per sticker at the quantity we order them at. we sell one for 12 and then 5 goes to the board.

Keep in mind that this is totally hypothetical but i was NEVER intending to make a profit out of this. i just want to have something that is similar to what i have with the FP website in it

there was a few people that liked the idea of the "1926 (dart) 2010" so i figured we can expand on that.

Sound Good?

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do you have a Graphics Company that can make that one happen?

Can you get some quotes for us? i will talk to the idiots down the street but i believe that they are going to be expensive.

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you should change the dates to that font as well. looks clashy with the nice pleasant FP font on bottom and the sharp blunt font on top

I agree... luckily Font is easy to change. we just need to have the dates and the website all be in the same font.

I like the sticker idea and it would be great to see this one come to life.

Off with the old... In with the new...

I have been wanting to re arrange my stickers for a while. remove some and re do the others.

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A good friend of mine runs a small vinyl company. He's made plenty of decals for me and they look really good.

Would you ask him what a decal of this size would cost each?

we could use this for a fundraiser for this board.

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I like 11 but for some reason it reminds me of star wars :lol2:


I kinda see it too now. :(

10s my fav :indian:

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All of the decals with both 'ForeverPontiac.com' and 'Gone but not forgotten' make it seem like the website is gone, by the way they're read.

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I want 11... I'd buy probably just one of that one, it'd be nice to make it large enough to make a windshield banner out of it, mine's starting to peel away and I need to find something to replace it.....

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