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  1. strange. im going to try and fix that. http://mostwantedmotorsports.ca/forums//in...ry&album=47 works now
  2. 27 new pics., wanted to do something different with the side of the car so im playing a bit with some vinyl. also leather over the rear deck i did last year blocked out sound from the speakers. so a few holes help get some sound back. other then that,. the dash and rear trunk screen get 3 coats of paint 3 coats of clear done with a real paint job with red perl should see it in the sun light!!! http://mostwantedmotorsports.ca/forums//in...y&album=477
  3. i guess it would make it a GM wing wouldnt it?
  4. its a factory pontiac gt wing .. thats right folks its the same as the cobalt ss wing but it was an add on option for the pontiac g5s as well. i didnt buy my car with it i added it after. but still..
  5. few more updates. new diamond plate for the trunk! http://mostwantedmotorsports.ca/forums//in...ry&album=47
  6. i do i have like 50 of the things .. even a fat one...lol email me [email protected] requesting the file with all them and ill email it back to you
  7. lol thanks i bought the car in april 07 (new) and been working on it since day one by no means a weekend project
  8. thanks. everything was done so i could still drive the car to the shows and around town . inside is where my detail is. i build cars for me mostly. was kinda shy about putting it in shows at first because i didnt want to be like "hey my stuffs better then yours look at me" but thats basicly what a car show is (with in reason) and duck hunt.. i have that game and the gun .. how ever sadly the gun does not work with LCD tvs ..... i tried and i wasnt happy.
  9. started putting the G5 back togather... if you don't recall what it should look like click my cardomain .. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3321901/ and each year befor winter i take just about everything out befor i put the car away for winter. then each spring i put it back together better then it was the year befor..lol so 2011 photo gallery is now in the works as it gets warmer i start doing more 2011 pics here http://mostwantedmotorsports.ca/forums//in...ry&album=47 and if you'd like to see what changed in 2010 there is lots of pics (119 pics) found here. http://mostwante
  10. 14 new pics added .. few small changes.. few more small things to be "fixed"
  11. o0o0o0o . looks good. cant wait to see more pics that i steal and use on the site..lol also notice i put extra thought into them they wrap around the headlight (closest to the grille) so block the light all the way around. i hope this is a bonus.lol
  12. this was easy as pie now my 93 grand am ... omg what a pain in the ass the dash cover came out but the rest just got painted in the car .. no idea how it ever would come out so at the time i just painted it in the car...lol ah the good ol days.. sometime ill post pics of that ol grand am i had.
  13. yea.. they do sometimes. but this one is ... well very far from a car show but close to the junk yard.. mite pick up another one tho this week.. i cant help but to save as many pontiacs as i can!...lol
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