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The Bonnie!!

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These pictures were taken the morning my family and I ran over 200k in the Bonneville. We'd have been there in 8 years if mom didn't buy the Grand Prix, but because we all got new cars on the same day, it sat in the driveway for like a year.. haha. about 24k short of it's average annual drive! She looks good though, pics of the engine bay later!!

So the Bonneville made it, and here we sit for pictures!


Momma's pround.. Tweety PJ's, Harley hoodie and a big smile is the way to go on sunday morning!


My brother (right), and myself, (left) standing on the 200k mark, in the rain, haha :dancingpontiac:




Mom was extremely proud on this day. First car she bought *brand new* and made it last until over 20000... the last car we had that went that far was an 89 retired Caprice Interceptor haha.. that thing was a monster. This is in much better condition than the Caprice!

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Thank you! and yes, ended up with my computer freezing when i hit post.. and well when i restarted and looked to see if the post was there it hadn't uploaded yet haha, thanks for deleting the second one :dancingpontiac: but yes, this is the Bonneville we have.. waiting for me to fix it lol

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hahaha so you just pulled over to the side of the road to snap this?!


looks pretty good for 200 000 though!

yes, when mom said she wanted pics at 200000 she wasn't kidding haha! had my little brother video tape the odometer going from 199,999 to 200,000, had me take the pictures of the odometer, she was like, screaming cheering like her favorite football team just threw the winning toss at the superbowl. We got to the bottom of the hill there, pulled over, and she took out the camera haha! it was raining, and she used a digital camera lol, she was willing to ruin the $150 camera I bought her just to get those pictures!! :lol2:

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' date='May 21 2010, 07:04 AM' post='26129']

Another L36 in the 200K club. These motors will never die with proper maintainence.

What's the current issue with it now, anyway?

I just have to put a water pump in it. It started leaking really badly out of nowhere, walked out of my house and saw there was a huge flow of coolant going down my driveway. Decided it was time to put the Bonnie on the side of the drive and bring the van out of the garage (I parked it for a few months, gas saving!) All the step by steps sound like the job's going to suck, but I look at it and it truly looks like no problem lol. But with as said before, prom day being tomorrow (just put $60 in gas for the truck we're driving), dinner at the strip club (steak house) like 3rd best restaurant in MN, still have costly pictures coming and trying to save for a dp on an 06 cobalt lt 2dr, I have been trying to get my mom to spend the $40 so I can fix.. well, legally, HER car :dancingpontiac: haha

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Waterpumps aren't too bad to do.

If you need more info on repairs, or performance, check out this site:


Lots of write ups, and FAQs on there.

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Thanks for all the support guys :blink: haha, feels good to have a lot of people talking good about our new car. I need to put a new A/C assembly on it too, sounds TERRIBLE, and at first I thought maybe something important was fried something else that'd rattle.. but well, it was just the A/C clutch making a lot of noise lol. So, with just a LITTLE bit of work it'll be.. well, the way I drive it, race-worthy again lol

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Thanks!! Just need that $200 for the repairs for it.. and for the money I've got planned for customs on the van, and the Cobalt I want.. haha I hate being a young kid. Not enough money for people my age, I tell ya. Hate being one who works for my own! Only good thing out of it is being responsible haha!!

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