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How To: Tools

Have anything you would like to share about the tools you use? How good they are or bad and if you have any alternative tool uses. Please no dirty uses...

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    • Its funny how we collect catastrophic failure trophies. lol I've got spider gears saved with only 3 of the  or so teeth remaining on the gears from a 4 gear to a second gear drop in a race against a blown Mustang. I was owning that ass until the rear gave up the ghost. ha ha good times.
    • Thank you. Car is totally operational and serviceable. We being veterans know what that means. Can't do a body off due to cost and will most likely weld a new patch over area. BTW, it has a perimeter, not X frame, so should be "simpler". Thank you again for the advice! 
    • Summit tried to find an adapter but couldn't then came back and said they found that would work then showed my car guy and think he is right think the problem is that on the 68 and 69 bonneville's the tanks are long and thinner compared to the ones that are shorter and bigger.Mine looks like it's alsomost 2-/1/2-3 feet both with and depth and maybe 7 deep
    • ALL ENGINES have some blowby past the rings.  I have a PCV and the oil fill is also vented.  Never had that much pressure, plug was so loose you could move it around in the hole. Just enough to get the area wet around the plug and would eventually drip on my exhaust manifold.  I'm thinkin it wore out the inside of the plug after all these years and when I added the rubber band it was just enough to pull the plug up tight to the bottom of the valve cover.  LIL extra pressure and bye bye.  Glad it did it on the way home. Took the engine pic at the show.  I was worried about how much rubber might have come off N in my engine, but looking at OPG, Ames had a better pic of the plug, they showed me at the local parts store. As it's only 1 inch hole, it was never ment for a breather. Breather was my option going to the parts store, if they didn't have my plug. They had a correct 1 in plug, but its plastic.  They gave it to me to get me through til I can get a rubber one.  Once the plastic gets good N hot, can't see this lasting long so I put a thin layer of peratex to help hold it in for now. Shipping would be waaay more than the cost of the plug, so I need to make an order and knock some more stuff off the wish list. Know whatcha mean on the blower motor.....Melted the pistons outta the bird a couple times and people thought I was on fire driving home. Whatta mess.  Pistons now hang in my hall of fame!
    • http://www.pro-touring.com/threads/77425-crankcase-evacuation-vs-breather-help   http://www.hotrodders.com/forum/crankcase-evacuation-system-opinions-126374.html
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