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Drilling out spot welds


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Okay so I learned the difference today when it comes to spot weld cutters. Harbor Freights are good for about five holes at the most. I have been using them for a few years and understood that they dull fast but never given it a shot. $3.99 per cutter so I was not overly enthusiastic about it but they did the job. I was at a paint supply shop and they sell the cutters for $20.00. Thus far it has lasted 38 spot welds and still going strong. Next I am going to invest in some higher end drill bits instead of the Dewalt ones I have been buying.

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Who makes the spot weld cutter bit you are now using?

As for the drill bits, it is the drill bits or perhaps you need to sharpen them. DeWalt does not strike me as a cheap brand of tools or drill bits in this case (unlike Harbor Freight). I have a Drill Doctor to resharpen dull drill bits. Its a surprising difference what a really sharp bit will do.

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I have a drill doctor and cannot get it to work to save my life. I cannot remember what the name brand it but I will try and find out.

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Operator error on the Drill Doctor? Perhaps you need some assistance from GE's stump water to help you remember the instructions.

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  • 11 months later...

So I started with these spot weld cutters:


The did a good job lasted between 5 and 10 spot welds. The drill bit walked like crazy.

Then I stepped up to these:


Much better lasted a lot longer probably between 45 and 50 spot welds. They did not walk nearly as much but still required a centre punch to locate the hole.

I got an Amazon gift card and bought this one:


No centre punching does not walk and storms through the spot welds like butter. Saves a tone of time for me.

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So what is the fundamental differences, in your opinion, between the Eastwood and the Blair kits? We won't discuss the Harbor Freight stuff.

The follow up question is - how much more spot weld removal do you have left? You have not updated (me at least) on the Chevelle project.

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The Blair kit uses a small drill bit for the centre bit and a hardened carbide bit for the cutter. The Eastwood kit is like a very small hole saw.

The Chevelle is still slow but on New Years I got 8 hours on it and got pretty much all of the firewall cut out and tacked into place. Officially I have an entire Chevelle now I just have to put it back together.

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Officially I have an entire Chevelle now I just have to put it back together.

Out of how many other cars has it taken to get to this point though? By my count you are up to at least three. The original Chevelle. Another Chevelle donated the frame. A 4-door Olds Cutlass donated the firewall. What else have I missed?

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s10 seats

87 camaro - transmission

87 silverado - engine

94 silverado - engine accessories

74 Nova - front disk brakes

79 eldorado - rear disk brakes

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