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A little excessive but still :agreed:

Doin a little experiment on my FB account to see how many people I piss off or like it

I should post it on Toyota's FB fan page.

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Really I just want to punch the guy in the face.

Why? Most people are rather stupid, and he's just pointing out how people tard out in a panic situation.

I'd get along find with this guy. :agreed:

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excessive, but CORRECT. i cant believe a POLICE OFFICER died in a toyota because it sped out of control. isnt he supposed to have HIGH SPEED TRAINING?? and know how to cut off a freakin car? duhhhh....

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  • Founders

well that past few time they have stated that if the car is over 50 or 60 MPH you cant turn the motor off or put the car in Nutral.

Well then if this is true its another thing Toyota has a law suit against them for, even more safety hazards. If your doing 80mph and your engine cuts out, how do you turn it back on? Popping it in neutral and turning it back on lol.

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I happened to catch the Toyota press conference involving this case while out to lunch (at one of those fancy establishments that has fried food and large tvs, lol). Toyota made a very good case for themselves as to how they don't believe the car is at fault in this particular instance.

I have to say I do think that this specific guy is probably making it up, BUT as with anything made up of so many electronic parts, weird glitches can happen, so there is always a chance for a problem.

Toyota said that they tested it extensively and could not replicate the situation, apparently the Prius is equipped with one of those sensors that detects when the brake and accelerator pedals are both pressed, the engine cuts off. They said it did exactly that in all of their tests. They also said that the brake wear was more consistent with rapid, lighter application of the brake, rather than a prolonged forceful brake. My husband argues that it could have been ABS. There is also the chance that, if it is an electronics problem, it would mean that the brake override wouldn't work. I don't know how the brakes on the Prius work, except that they use regenerative braking, so I don't know how much of that is controlled by electronics rather than mechanical means.

They had some good points about how claims of acceleration have skyrocketed since the media reports. Sensationalization always makes problems like this worse.

Anyway... like I said, I personally think this guy faked it. And it's really unfortunate too, it's a lot like crying "rape" when there is none, degrading a serious issue. If there is a deeper problem with the vehicles, it will cause the public and the company to take it less seriously and possibly lead to unnecessary injuries or deaths from accidents. And if there aren't any deeper problems, it unfairly demonizes the company and might lead to a loss of sales and jobs, plus causes a lot of people's car values to plummet for no reason.

So... I don't know. Just wanted to post an update after watching that.

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