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  1. ponta2147

    Help With A School Project

    I've illegally downloaded music, but usually just until I've decided that I like enough of the band's songs to buy the album, in which case I'll just rip that to my computer and replace the old songs. If I only like one or two of their songs, they wouldn't have gotten any money from me anyway. Generally I don't download too much anymore, 'cause I usually listen to Pandora online radio.
  2. ponta2147

    Awesome weather for the next week!

    Good weather out here in Chicago too, low 70s at least. Hope to take advantage of it before all the rain comes in next week.
  3. ponta2147

    Consider these facts about Walmart.....

    Good book about this: The Wal-Mart Effect. It neither praises nor condemns Wal-Mart, it's just a really objective look and the benefits and downfalls of the way this company operates. Very enlightening.
  4. ponta2147

    Logo design.

    That's when you turn around and ask if they give their surgeon advice on how to perform open heart surgery on them... lol! Most people think designers are "code monkeys" or "program monkeys" that happen to know how to operate a bit of hardware/software to do whatever you want. And I think unfortunately we keep letting them think that by saying yes... I know I do. It's hard to be like "Um, no, you have no training/schooling in this, I don't tell you how to do your job so plz don't tell me how to do mine" when people ask for a Bright Yellow Background With Purple Comic Sans Text and Make It Web 2.0. Anyway I liked that your logo worked in one-color and in full-color, I just wonder how the logo would look in small sizes, like on a business card, because you have so much detail in there.
  5. ponta2147

    Schaumburg, IL Meet March 20

    Reschedule for April sometime?
  6. ponta2147

    My Portfolio

    Nice. Seems like you've got a distinct "style" you like working with, but obviously are capable of a lot of different things. I take it Illustrator is your specialty? Or at least the program they let you use the most... lol. Have you built an online portfolio for this stuff yet?
  7. ponta2147

    Schaumburg, IL Meet March 20

    Yeah, is this on schedule or reschedule or what?
  8. ponta2147

    Questionable food stamp use?

    In terms of concept cars, there's probably a pretty good overlap with Industrial Design, which is something you do go to art school for. (Industrial design is the design of 3-D things, anywhere from products to furniture to vehicles). An industrial designer has to work with all the technical-types to make sure the thing would actually be feasible, but there is some "art" involved. I too went to "art school" technically (or at least an art major at a state school) but I majored in the "sellout" field of Graphic Design (as opposed to Fine Art or Art History or something)... hey, sellout=money!
  9. ponta2147

    New with Vibe

    Me too. Hi fellow Viber!
  10. ponta2147

    Questionable food stamp use?

    I was thinking about it and realized... my real problem with the article isn't that more and more people are going on food stamps (economy bad, jobs tanking yadda yadda) but this "being on food stamps is nothing to be ashamed of" attitude that they were talking about. I mean... it kind of is. At least you should feel a bit guilty, or anxious to pull yourself out of it and not be on them anymore. There should be a stigma. As soon as it goes from feeling like something shameful to feeling like something necessary, it's not a far leap to feeling entitled to it.
  11. ponta2147

    Blackberry Users

    I'd get an iPhone, because it really *does* have a superior touch interface to anything I have seen (on AT&T at least, which is what I have, don't get me started on how most of the cool phones are with other companies) BUT: 1) I hate iTunes. A lot. And would prefer to avoid it for the rest of my life. 2) Lack of multitasking... what if I want to play Pandora and look up the bus schedule at the same time like on any other smartphone??? 3) I am physically incapable of using an on-screen keyboard for some reason. Evry tgung. I tyype liooks. Likew trhis. Don't really like the Blackberry experience either... my husband has a Bold, which he loves, but I can't stand using it.
  12. ponta2147

    Schaumburg, IL Meet March 20

    That's my hope too!
  13. ponta2147

    Questionable food stamp use?

    Agreed. A friend of mine from high school is doing AmeriCorps in New York right now, and she is on food stamps. I don't begrudge her too horribly for it, because she is working for next to nothing for a good cause, but when she posted a blog article talking about how being on food stamps is not a horrible thing and you can buy some fancy food with it, it made me a little uncomfortable. And as for jobs... as part of my freelance work I work for CareerBuilder.com doing the banner ads and fancy webpages for companies that want to spend extra money attracting people. I have not been lacking in any of that work for the last two years. There are lots of jobs out there, I get to see a lot of them. They may not be the job you *want* but there are hundreds and hundreds out there, enough that companies still want to spend the big bucks making the fancy custom CareerBuilder sites (thus keeping me employed as well).
  14. ponta2147

    Schaumburg, IL Meet March 20

    Weather isn't supposed to play nice... hopefully it changes its mind, otherwise all the nice weather this week is just a tease.
  15. ponta2147

    Chevy Volt test mule spotted in Michigan.

    Actually it looks like the generator does not recharge the battery, just generates electricity to power the motors. Still more efficient than a normal engine but more expensive than just plugging in would be. The battery needs to be recharged by being plugged in, like an all-electric car would. IF you never plugged in your car ever, it would still work by refueling the gas tank, you just wouldn't get the "40 miles gas free" bonus. From the Volt website.
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