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New to site - 07 Pontiac Solstice GXP


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Saw the board and had to join. I've owned a Pontiac in some fashion for over 18 years. My Solstice is the latest to hit my garage. I hated to see Pontiac go, just when they were coming back with some killer cars like the G8 and Solstice GXPs. Who knows where that would have led them? Another Solstice is in my future when I get this one done.

I'm in Charlotte, NC. Hope there are others around here. Maybe with a little luck and magic, they will come back to life.

Final goal for this girl is 490hp. Already started the journey. Methanol injection on it's way.



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490hp in Solstice? That thing will be a beast! Great looking Solstice and excited to see your journey to get those numbers ;)

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Beautiful ride. Welcome to FP!

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welcome! great car. i like that black cover on your valve cover. i want something like that.

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Welcome to FP and the madness !!!!

GE (Guitarsextreme) is in your neck on the woods for sure.

490 HP ? That will be some power-weight ratio....daaammn.

What are your plans to get there, beyond the methanol injection?

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Many thanks for the welcome! Dr. Dave from DDMWorks is the master. He will do my meth kit install. My dad bought a 2008 Saturn Sky and turned me on to the car. This car handles like a rocket on rails. It's hard to keep my foot out of the turbo. And for what you get, the current prices are insane compared to a Z4 or Miata. This is the perfect project car. I LOVED my '88 Fiero GT. This is better.

As for the set up, I have already set the car's plumbing up with a SOLO high flow cat and 3" Mach exhaust. Added in a DDMWorks intercooler and charge pipes as well. To get to 490HP, I will have to go with a ZFR-6758 turbo and eventually a bottom end rebuild. Carrilo Rods and Weisco pistons in an LDK series short block. Throw in a ZZP stage 2 cam and some other odds and ends and I can get 490 HP. With the Meth injection and a tune, I should be getting ~320 HP already. The LNF block is capable of 500 HP stock. The LDK is 600HP from the factory.

I agree, this power in a 2700 lb car is insane.

My current modifications:

DDMWorks Charge Pipes
DDMWorks Intercooler
DDMWorks Silicon Hoses
DDMWorks Oil Catch Can /w steel braided hoses
DDMWorks Power Steering relocate
DDMWorks Engine Coil Cover
DDMWorks Short Shifter
SOLO Performance High Flow CAT
SOLO Performance Mach Exhaust

DDMWorks Race Backbone
DDMWorks Pro-Beam
FE3 Z0K Springs
FE3 Z0K Sway Bars
Z0K Alignment

Aftershock Rear Lip Spoiler
Kappasphere Chrome Domes (Chrome mirror caps)
Opel Shorty Antenna
ASAP Graphics Backup Light and Fog Light Covers
ASAP Graphics Side Marker covers
Painted Calipers w/ GXP decals


DDMWorks Stage I Brake Kit (ordered - maybe Wilwood BB kit in future)

DDMWorks Tune (ordered)

AEM Stage 2 Methanol Injection Kit (ordered)

ZFR-6758 Performance Autowerks turbo Kit

DDMWorks Performance Clutch

Engine rebuild w/ LDK block/LNF head, Carrilo rods, Weisco pistons, ZZP cam, GMPP N Balace shafts, PAW springs

Staggered Rims and tires (Continental ExtremeContact DW)

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OK I'm impressed. You have a plan, and you are sticking to it. Good job. So what bumps in the road have you encountered with this project other than the usual -- not enough time and not enough money?

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