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New to forum but not new to Pontiac's

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Hi all,

I am excited to be a part of this website.

Over the years I have owned 5 Pontiacs.

I first got interested in Pontiacs because of the F body, particularly the Trans-AM (which I think was always sleeker than a Camero)

The first car I bought was a white 1984 Trans-AM. I didn't keep it long because I liked the ground effects/body molding on the 1985 and newer Trans-AMs much better.

I finally found myself a 1985 Trans-AM and sold the 84

I did all kinds of work from interior, paint and engine work on the 1985 trans-am. Mostly kept everything stock looking but I did make the engine really pretty.

The engine had roller rockers, bigger cam and the rest of it. It was really beefed up. I esitmate that I was producing at least 300 HP... was really fun to drive.

I also had the fancy T-tops etc. While this was a great car, I eventually got a job that required some serious commuting and the Trans-am was no longer a reasonable mode of transportation.

I sold the 85 for 8K and got into a little Honda Civic. After going through a few Honda.. I started looking into pontiacs again.....

That's when I found the VIBE which is now my all time favorite car and I've had 3 Vibes to date.

Vibe one was a 2004 with moon & tunes package. It also had AWD I had some race tires on there and it was in perfect condition.. that is until someone smashed into it. :(

Vibe 2 I bought from my Ex girlfriend. still in good working condition. It's a 2004 as well but not nearly as nice as the one that got smashed.

Vibe 3 I recently picked up and it's a silver 2006. It's really a lovely vehicle.

Well that's pretty good for an introduction.




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Welcome to FP superj707. :welcomeFP:

My first new car was an '84 Trans Am with the aero package. Sadly, I had it about 6 months before some idiot ran a traffic light and totaled it (it was a hit and run - he left the scene of the accident and was never caught). So I ordered a new '86 Trans Am to replace it and I've owned it ever since. Love them F-bodies.

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