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REQUEST: Smoke Tail Lights


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Just wanted to know if anyone can tell me where to get online or in central/south florida Smoke tail lights.I know there is a film/spray I'm not sure i like that look.I want it to look "professional'I have a black G5 and want to make it "black everything" and figured I start some where..so any insight would be much appreciated!

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i used VHT spray tint and i liked it very much. at times most vinyl or film tint is either hard to mold or needs to be cut to bend on very curvy lights. but with the film, you get an even tint if you do not trust yourself with spray. check out this...


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I know most people don't like Craigslist, but hit it up, people advertise on there all the time, and I've seen a few posts where people where advertising tinting services for tail lights, maybe that might help :cheers:

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I'd say go with vinyl. Try lamin-x film.

It's easy to install, can be removed with no damage to the lights, and comes in various shades. I have vinyl tint on some of my lights, and I'd never do anything but. It's very nice to work with.

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The problem with spray tint is that it fades, no matter how much clearcoat you use (I went though three sets of tails, I know. :welcomeFP:)

When I had mine redone a year ago, they were sprayed with a gloss black/clearcoat mix (8:1 ratio IIRC) and then sprayed with straight clear. Since it's automotive grade paint (PPG) it'll never fade, and can be waxed, compounded, even claybared. My tails still look as good as they did the day I got them sprayed a year ago.

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I only did to coats of VHT and mine turned out to be like dark ish red wine color in the sun and 1/2 light out. Dark out there almost black and low light out too. All the lights work realy well. Knock on wood I have had Staties and Townies behind me and never an issue. Passes inspection every year without a problem.

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Here is a how to I just threw together.

Some people have asked about tinting your tail lights, so I figured I would throw this together. I will be discussing VHT NightShades in this how to. This is the product I used, however this should be similar for all spray tints.

Step 1: Take your taillights out of your car (duh).

Step 2: You will want to wet sand your tails. I started at 1000 grit, then 1500, and finally 2000 grit. You will want an even, dull, slightly hazy look all over your tails.

Step 3: Tape off everything you don't want to tint. I taped the sides, even though they don't show. I also taped off the reverse lights, to keep them white.

Step 4: Spray away! I did 3 moderate coats, allowing 15 minutes of dry time between sprays.

Step 5: Wet sand again. Same as before 1000, 1500, and 2000. You are looking for a dull hazy black color this time. Once again you want a uniform color.

Step 6: Spray a last coat of tint to get that look you want.

Step 7: After they dry, peel the tape off of the reverse light area.

Step 8: Clear coat time. Spray 3-5 coats. Allow 15 minutes between coats.

Step 9: Wet sand again. 1000 to 2000 just as before. Once again you want a solid black/gray look.

Step 10: Clear coat again. Yep you guessed, 3-4 layers. 15 minutes in between.

Step 11: Wet sand. Same as every other time you have done it for this project.

Step 12: The final clear coat. 1 good layer. This will give it that gloss look.

Step 13: Uh let it dry and put them in.

Obviously I didn't cover technique in this how to. You should be able to find basic guides for using a rattle can and wet sanding techniques on the internet.

If you need any details feel free to hit me up. Total time was two days for this mod. This included all of the drying.

As I said this was quickly thrown together for those interested in the mod.

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