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    PS3, keeping my car running, find a job, the usual. ;)

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    Grand Prix
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    Little Ol' LS4
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    Flat Black
  1. JP_GXP

    Street Racing? How bad can it be? (Discussion)

  2. JP_GXP

    Hey, new here, howdy all

    Welcome and woohoo another V8.
  3. Can't wait to see them installed.
  4. Not workin' for me, either.
  5. JP_GXP

    Proud Owner of a Riced 08 GP GXP

    Just found some old pics from with it was mostly stock.
  6. JP_GXP

    Proud Owner of a Riced 08 GP GXP

    Thanks again, all. As far as plans, if I can get a decent transmission in it, I'll be turbocharging it. Like this (505 whp) but with more done, that one just has the kit installed. Porting to intake and exhaust manis and the TB is supposed to net 25 whp N/A and over 40 whp with the turbo. And I want this cam AND other little nit-picky things, lol.
  7. JP_GXP


    That's all for now.
  8. JP_GXP

    Proud Owner of a Riced 08 GP GXP

    Nope, no kids. My wife has the travel bug, she said maybe 2 years, I say 4, lol. She's 27. (I'll be 23 next month )
  9. JP_GXP

    Proud Owner of a Riced 08 GP GXP

    I joke about it being rice 'cause of the spraybomb paint job and the Decepticons stuff.
  10. JP_GXP

    Suggestions or Comments?

    Fixed my grammar error. Videos would be a good addition to the slips, too.
  11. JP_GXP

    Street Racing? How bad can it be? (Discussion)

    I've got a spot on a split highway, speed limit 65, I typically run there when there's no one around. I either run from 25-40 to 75-100. I try not to race if there's traffic, but some people (Hemis and Mustangs come to mind) just don't give up and NEVER in city limits.
  12. JP_GXP

    Suggestions or Comments?

    Maybe not a kill/street race section, but an official race (drag, auto-x, etc) section, where you have to post a timeslip as proof? EDIT:"proof' not "prove." It was early, lol.
  13. JP_GXP

    Suggestions or Comments?

    I agree, I was about to post this.
  14. JP_GXP

    REQUEST: Smoke Tail Lights

    NiteShades, FTW. And flatted.
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